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As a bit of an escapist, you search for relaxation and simplicity when you get away. You prefer worry-free travel and spending time travelling with family and friends. Short breaks and getaways are preferred to long-distance travel. After planning the basics of the trip (accommodations, transportation), you like to fill in the details as you go. Along the way, you hope to see and expose your family.

No Hassle Traveller

Grosbeak Lake

Upon your arrival, this picturesque environment will charm you. The park is tranquil and quiet—you might walk for several kilometers without ever crossing paths with another person. Imagine a place where nature, not humans, is dominant.

Travelling with your family? Why not take a guided tour of trails abounding with geological discoveries, wild animals and plants, each more beautiful than the last. There is more than one program on offer in the park. Ask a guide-interpreter to help you choose.

Wood Buffalo National Park has activities for the whole family. Take a drive down Pine Lake Road and Parson Lake Road for exciting wildlife encounters and pull over at one of the fascinating points of interest for great photos ops. Stretch your legs on one of the short trails to break up your drive through the park. At Parson’s Fire Tower Station, you will get a magnificent view of the boreal forest from above has you stand on top of the esker. It’s the perfect spot to stop and share a picnic with your travel companions.

Whether you are fond of wildlife or the outdoors or just in search of an escape from the daily grind, nothing is simply more fun than a visit to Wood Buffalo National Park.

For the No-Hassle Traveller

we suggest…

Grosbeak Lake- Let your senses and imagination take over while you hike the South Loop. The naturalness of the place will keep you peaceful. Get off the beaten tracks to an exquisiteness landscape where rocks of all shapes and sizes litter the salt-covered mudflats. Surface of Mars or optical illusion? Perhaps Mars is closer than you think!

River of a thousand tales – Set off in discovery of the Peace River at Peace Point Reserve. You’ll be charmed by the beauty of the landscape and the cliffs on the banks of the river. Enjoy a refreshing breeze, and an oasis from the bugs. Take the opportunity to walk around and you might even happen upon a few fossils that will fascinate your companions.

Angus Sinkhole – Stop at the Angus Fire Tower to gaze at the immense sinkhole with its enchanting colours. This sinkhole is a unique feature typical of Wood Buffalo’s karstland. Book a trip to see the sinkholes from the air. You won’t believe your eyes!

Boardwalk – Stay in town and walk along the boardwalk to the lookout above the Slave River. You’ll see the Rapids of the Drowned, the last in a series of four rapids. Gather up your group to listen to a guide-interpreter tell you how the rapids got their name.

You are travelling with a recreational vehicle! Pine Lake campground is the perfect stop for you and your family. Enjoy the aquamarine water, the beach, the trails and the fresh air. Extraordinary!