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You like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings. You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown. Well-organized travel packages and guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you - travel should be fun, not extra work! And if it’s fun, chances are you’ll be back.

Gentle Explorer

Guided Hike

Slowly you open your eyes. They light up at the thought of rediscovering the most beautiful wonders in Canada. You can’t believe that Wood Buffalo National Park, this UNESCO World Heritage Site, could enchant you this much, but it has won you over.

Some hidden gems are merely a few kilometres away, right in the open and only waiting for you to find them. Park your recreational vehicle at the campground and sit next to a remarkable lake where the crystal-clear waters are aquamarine. With a smile on your face, rediscover how much fun it is to hunt for red-sided garter snakes. Let yourself be enchanted by a baby bison rolling in the hot sand or the majestic spectacle of a crane in full flight. Sit comfortably on a bench along one of the trails and enjoy the elegant charms of the geological and ecological features that reveal themselves to you. Drive around to view wildlife such as Wood Bison.

Having visited your favourite spots, you’ll want to come back again and again to relive unforgettable moments. Very slowly, you close your eyes again so that these images of pure splendor will forever be etched in your memory.

For the Gentle Explorer

we suggest…

Guided tours – For families or groups, guided tours are always on offer at Wood Buffalo National Park. The multi-talented guide-interpreters are keen to teach and help you discover the region. From the Salt Plains to the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Pine Lake, karstland and Sweetgrass Station, there are plenty discoveries waiting for you. Set out and explore them.

Lakeside cabin – Are you seeking a serene, calm oasis in the middle of the forest where you still feel close to home? Look no further than the Kettle Point Group camp at Pine Lake. A large, comfortable space is at your disposal. Walk the trails around the cabin, canoe on Pine Lake or enjoy marshmallows roasted on the campfire. Kettle Point Group camp is a purely peaceful haven.

Salt is a must – Let yourself be taken in by the splendor of the red samphire on a backdrop of white salt. As soon as you arrive at the Salt Plains, take off your shoes and feel the salt crystals under your toes. Follow your interpreter-guide and learn more about the site. You’ll find a quiet, enchanting place that will keep you coming back.

Golf – Stretches of freshly mown turf await golf lovers. You’ll feel at home at the Pelican Rapids Golf and Country Club. A nine-hole course along the Slave River where you can golf all day and all night under the midnight sun. If you suddenly lose your ball, blame the small red foxes that have taken up residence close to the riverbank.