Explorer Quotient

Free Spirit

Something of a thrill-seeking hedonist, travel satisfies your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic. You like the best of everything and want to be surrounded by others who feel the same way. You have a lot of energy and want to see and do everything. It all adds to the fun! Young, or young-at-heart, you travel for the thrill and emotional charge of doing things. You can’t stay at home. Why would you?

Free Spirit

Slave River Rapids


Looking for something impressive? Head for Pine Lake. Its aquamarine waters will leave you speechless. Jump in your canoe or kayak and go paddling, or simply jump in the water! You’ll be astounded by the clarity of the water and the reflected beauty of the nearby boreal forest!

Are you pumped up? Looking for some adventure on solid ground? Lace up your boots and head for the Salt River trails. The winding trails are filled with hills, roots and semi-hidden rocks. Don’t lose your footing or you may end up face first in a bison dropping.

You love adventure and discovering new, ever more breathtaking places, and you’re not scared of anything! Set off for the Slave River Rapids. Series of six-metre plus waves converging in different directions and sudden whirlpools are only some of what awaits. A heady experience.

Too early to go to bed, it’s still light out. Join some like-minded people who want to experience every unique adventure the park can offer till the very last glimmer of light. Here the wildlife never sleeps, and an all-nighter is a must!

For the Free Spirit

we suggest…

Guaranteed adrenaline rush – Brave the class V rapids on the Slave River! Over four sets of rapids are on tap for thrill seekers. They’re calling your name! Keep a firm hold on your paddle so you can right yourself if you capsize. Lessons are also available.

Sleep outdoors – Spend the night under the stars listening to nature or sleep at the Kettle Point Group camp. The reflection of the stars in the waters of Pine Lake will give you goose bumps. Keep an eye open at night, you might be the witness of the most beautiful northern lights of the world. Pay attention, you’re not the only one around!

Watch your step – A hike in the backcountry may lead you to extraordinary places. The most beautiful finds sometimes take hours to reach. Watch where you put your feet: a buffalo may have left you a present.

Bison highways – If you seek thrills and discoveries, grab a bike and head for the bison highways. These windy, bumpy paths were carved out by the bison. Do you have what it takes? Stay on course and have a blast! 

Day without end – Take advantage of the long summer days to explore this park that never sleeps. Here, darkness is only fleeting. At Wood Buffalo the nights don’t last long! 

You may run into trouble, ask us for more information about the wilderness experience.