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Cultural History Buff

You strive to go beyond your own roots to understand the history and culture of others. When you travel, you are likely pursuing a personal interest or hobby, making the experience more intrinsically rewarding. Travelling alone or in small groups, you seek the freedom to observe, absorb and learn at your own pace, unhurried by others or driven by rigid schedules.

Cultural History Buff

Whooping Cranes

Two long wings unfurl in front of you. You know what it must be. Your heart starts pounding wildly. Finally, for the first time in your life, you will get to see an example of this creature you have read so much about. This special animal, so much a part of Wood Buffalo National Park, has been designated as an endangered species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Nothing will satisfy your curiosity like stepping into its world. Slowly, you open your eyes. The Whooping Crane has charmed more than its fair share of people.

In your canoe, you paddle the Peace River in search of discoveries. After several hours canoeing and hiking along the old winter road, the backcountry opens up and you have an unfettered view of the Northern Boreal Plains. Sweetgrass Station stands in the middle of vast deltaic meadows. The blue waters of Lake Claire shimmer in the distance. Immense networks of corrals, built in the mid 1960s were used in the round-up of bison herds for anthrax and tuberculosis vaccinations. These remnants will stand for generations to come.

Come meet the interpreter-guides at the Visitor Centre to find out more about Whooping Cranes and Sweetgrass Station, among other things. Take your time, and visit the exhibit on the important points of interest at Wood Buffalo National Park.

For the Cultural History Buff

we suggest…


Whooping crane – Walk the short interpretive trail from the Wetlands Pull-off. The trail will lead you to a very peaceful site where you can observe a habitat like the Whooping Crane nesting area. Keep your camera handy because, who knows, you might just see one. Wood Buffalo Visitor Centre puts the story of the Whooping Crane and its nesting area in this UNESCO World Heritage Site into context. Speak with one of the guide-interpreters to find out more about the Whooping Crane and the other wonders of Wood Buffalo National Park.

Wilderness– The wind brings you the melodious sounds of birds flying along the Peace River. You just can’t wait to put your canoe in the water and discover the beauty and fascinating features of the backcountry at your own pace.

Sweetgrass Station – Now a peaceful haven for Wood Bison, Sweetgrass Station is a place they can find food and rest. However, you can observe the predator-prey relationship between Wood Bison and wolves. It is the longest unbroken relationship of wolves and bison in the world. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the expanse. Sit back and watch!

Thebacha- Discover why Fort Smith region is known as the gateway to the North. The region is also named Thebacha. Thebacha in Chipewyan means “beside the rapids”.