Explorer Quotient

Cultural Explorer

You seek constant opportunities to embrace, discover, and immerse yourself in the entire experience of the culture, people and settings of the places you visit. Not content to just visit historic sites and watch from the sidelines, you want to participate in the modern-day culture as well. You often attempt to converse with locals, attend local cultural festivals, or go off the beaten track to discover how people truly live.

Cultural Explorer

Fur Trade Route- Slave River 1920


Invigorated by the gentle, salty breeze, you wiggle your toes in the mudflats. You imagine how it would have been when First Nations traded fur and salt from the Salt Plains. Discover the simplicity and charm of the natural and cultural wonders at Wood Buffalo National Park.

Get to know the people living North of 60° latitude. Awake your senses by visiting every corner of the National Park. Here, dazzling history, culture, nature and wildlife will surround you.

Have fun walking in the footsteps of residents who wrote and continue to write the history of this region. Learn how to find and identify the evidences of their passing over time. Our guide-interpreter will tell you why Sweetgrass Station and Hay Camp were hubs for park staff and area residents. Who knows how much you’ll discover through your encounters here!

During the warm summer days and evenings, take part in the different celebrations that happen in the region or sip a cup of coffee with locals at the coffee shop. Consider yourself our guest.

For the Cultural Explorer

we suggest…

Visitor Centre – The Wood Buffalo Visitor Centre is a place filled with cultural and historical treasures. With the help of a guide-interpreter, explore inside where more than one story is waiting to be told. Learn about fauna, flora, ecology and geology while listening to the stories and highlights of the park.

Northern Life Museum – Hear the history of the South Slave Region and see the evolution of traditional life, the fur trade, shipyard and historical Mission site. Visit the Aboriginal Outdoor Culture camp and learn about the culture. The wildlife exhibit includes Whooping Cranes, white pelican and Wood Bison.

The Carver – Meet Sonny MacDonald, a member of Salt River First Nation who has created sculptures for Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John-Paul II and a number of prime ministers. With his hands, he carves the wood and lets the natural beauty of the material shine through. Ask him to tell you some of his stories—they’ll bowl you over!

The Sun Dance – Imagine arms and throat sounds of singing. At this place, Aboriginal people meet to offer sacred prayers and perform rituals in recognition of the sun’s bounty. Feel free to watch this procession in honor of the sun.

The pelicans - Make your way to Mountain Portage. Bring your binoculars and see where the pelicans lay their eggs. Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to record the first presence of the Slave River pelican colony. However, it was already known to the Dene. Find out how they discovered the colony, for how long the pelican have nested at this site and why the birds chose these islands as a sanctuary and the Slave River. Follow the path to the rocks and feel the energy.