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With a foot in both worlds, you appreciate the understated beauty of natural and cultural environments. You enjoy using all of your senses when you explore your chosen destination and really get to know the places you visit. You quickly adapt to personal challenges and risks, easily figuring out how to make the most of every situation. You want to be fully immersed in your travel experiences and tend to stay away from group tours and rigid plans.

Authentic Explorer

Salt Plains
© J.McKinnon - Parks Canada

Last night, the sun just barely set. Now its rays gently caress your face as you wake from your sleep. Only a few meters from your campsite, on the shores of aquamarine Pine Lake, a Wood Bison stops to drink in the early morning. Fascinated, you watch him, knowing that other chance meetings and surprises await you.

Venturing forth, you make your way to the Salt Plains. From the top of the lookout, a magnificent view extends before you. Eagerly taking it in, you can hardly believe that so much white could cover the ground at a time when the sun never seems to stop shining. Along the shores of the river, the red of the samphires, from the plants’ internal regulation of osmotic pressure, is stunning against the white of the salt. Whether under your feet or on your tongue, the salt will astound you. Don’t forget to take off your shoes!

After your exploration, go to the Visitor Centre, the best place to learn more about this park recognized by UNESCO as a “value which deserves protection for the benefit of all humanity.” The information you pick up will show you what to look for and where to go. As you roam its unique landscape, the park will reveal to you its myriad attractions.


For the Authentic Experiencer

we suggest…

Travel through the Delta – In your canoe or boat, paddle through one of the wonders of the world, the Peace-Athabasca Delta. Here for you to explore a maze of big rivers, smaller connecting channels, luxurious meadows and vast, shallow lakes. Discover on your own one of the largest inland freshwater deltas in the world. A site of global significance.

Pine Lake – Located in the karstland, Pine Lake is an uvala, a closed depression formed by a series of sinkholes. While admiring this unique lake, keep your eyes open. You might have company in the form of a watchful Wood Bison!

South Loop – Along the 9-km trail that starts at the Salt River and criss-cross a saltwater creek, an out-of-this-world landscape will amaze you. Rocks of all shapes and sizes litter the salt-covered mudflats, making it look like the surface of Mars. Extraordinary!

Red-sided garter snakes – The Karstland loop passes by some outstanding examples of collapse and solution sinkholes. Only a few metres from the head of the trail, red-sided garter snakes have set up residence in an underground hibernacula below the frost line. That way, they can escape the cold winter temperatures. These specimens are the most northerly garter snakes on the continent. In May and September stay on the trail and slow down for snakes crossing the road.

Traditional knowledge – Throw on your backpack and head out on an adventure in the Salt River Meadows or the Salt Plains. There you’ll find an astonishing world where plants and trees are more than just pretty backdrops. A guide-interpreter can teach you their therapeutic and medicinal uses and immerse you in the world of traditional knowledge. Take as many notes as you like!