Winter Activities

The northern boreal forest is characterized by long, cold dark winters. During January and February it is not unusual to have the thermometer dip to extremes of -40°C. Between December and January daylight is limited to about seven hours a day.

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The best time for winter activities is in late winter and early spring. The longer days and slightly warmer temperatures in late March and April are ideal for enjoying outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Please note that there are no tracked ski trails in the park and recreational snowmobiling is prohibited.

One winter activity that is gaining in popularity is viewing of the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. Wood Buffalo is ideally situated in an area of intense aurora activity. Spectacular light shows are common on clear nights throughout the winter.

Wildlife such as bison, wolves, lynx, snowshoe hares, owls and ptarmigans are sometimes seen along the winter road . However, although their tracks may be abundant in the snow, the wild animals themselves are elusive and actual sightings are usually random.