Kejimkujik experiences a long period of summer-like weather, which is generally a dry time of year. Kejimkujik Seaside has summer air temperatures a few degrees cooler than inland.

Summer water temperatures are only a few degrees cooler than the air. Keji's lakes are shallow and tend to respond fairly quickly to fluctuations in air temperature. Winter offers a short season of snow cover with little snow build-up. Temperatures may be slightly cooler than the adjacent coast but our winters are very brief.

Total rainfall and snowfall varies a great deal in any month from year to year; however, all seasons, with the exception of summer and early fall, tend to be wet. Keji receives approximately 1400 mm of precipitation each year.

Average daily temperatures for Kejimkujik (inland):

Winter (December - February): -5ºC
Spring (March - May) 4ºC (late spring 10ºC)
Summer (June - August) 18ºC
Fall (September - November) 8ºC (early fall 12ºC)

Weather Forecast: