Guided Cultural Programs
Discovering Mi'kmaw Culture, Traditions and Language

There is a great story in the woodlands, lakes, rivers, bogs and barrens of Kejimkujik. It is a story 4,000 years in the making. It is equal parts history and legend. And the Mi’kmaw People would like you to hear it, to see it and to feel it.

Begin your journey with a guided tour of some of the park’s 500-plus petroglyphs. Found along the lakeshores of Kejimkujik, these fascinating stone-carved stories are one of North America’s largest such collections and have been vital clues for reconstructing regional history. Carvings of porpoise hunts from sail-rigged canoes and clothing and adornments from centuries past—including the iconic peaked hats worn by women—even at times bear their creators’ signatures, some of the only remaining evidence of the ancient Mi’kmaw’s written history.

Continue your cultural exploration at Merrymakedge’s carefully recreated traditional Mi’kmaw encampment and experience, first-hand, Kejimkujik’s deep roots.

Learn more about the petroglyphs.


Petroglyph Tour

Follow your guide in the footsteps of history. Tour the petroglyphs where ancient stone carvings paint a vivid picture of the Mi’kmaw way of life.

Availability: See the schedule of interpretation activities.

Group size: Limit 20 people/tour.

Duration: 90 minutes

Fee: Free with entry.


Bookings open on May 19, 2017

• Stop in at the Visitor Centre and make booking in person.

• Call the Visitor Centre 902-682-2772 and book over the phone.


Bone Broth and Birch Bark

Gather together around the fire at a traditional Mi’kmaw encampment. Enjoy a cup of bone broth and discover how the Mi’kmaw used natural materials to survive and thrive in the woods.

Availability: See the schedule of interpretation activities.

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: Free with entry.

Reservations: No reservations needed.