Access for Persons with Disabilities

All of Canada's National Parks and National Historic Sites have parking areas and washroom facilities that display the blue and white "accessibility sign." These places and facilities are reserved for those persons whose physical limitations require their use. Please respect the intent of these signs.

All-terrain wheelchairs

All-terrain wheelchairs are available at no charge to visitors with reduced mobility. These chairs give access to bike trails and beaches (on hard packed sand). They can easily be dismantled for transportation by truck or van. These chairs have to be pushed by someone. They are located at the Park Information Centre and at Kellys Beach canteen. Call ahead to make a reservation (506-876-2443).

Recycling at Kouchibouguac National Park

Visitors are asked to separate their waste into GREEN / WET and BLUE / DRY containers. These containers are bear and racoon proof. The waste collected in the park is processed at the Westmoreland Albert WET / DRY Processing Facility in Moncton. Organics from the WET waste are recovered and used in the production of Grade A compost while the recyclables from the DRY waste are sorted and shipped to various markets for recycling.

Visitors are asked to deposit their used batteries, propane and butane bottles and redeemables in specially made containers located in different locations throughout the park. Profits from the sale of redeemables are reinvested in the Park's recycling program.