West Coast Trail's Third Entrance
© Ditidaht First Nation

Don’t have time to do the West Coast Trail? Think again…..

There’s no doubt about it! The West Coast Trail is a marquee adventure for the serious hiker, but a 5-7 day hike can be intimidating, even to the most seasoned adventure seekers. Now you can plan a 2-3 day adventure with the new 3rd entrance to the West Coast Trail. A mid-point entrance at Nitinaht allows hikers all the adventure of the West Coast Trail in half the time.

The West Coast Trail provides a variety of challenges through some of the most rugged terrain of the park reserve; whether you’re climbing ladders, traversing canyons in a cable car, hiking along the shoreline or camping on pristine beaches, this adventure brings people back year after year.

Don’t miss your opportunity to start or end your trip with a little more comfort by booking a night in the Ditidaht First Nation’s Comfort Tents at Tsuquadra Point. These canvas wall tents offer a wood burning stove with firewood, cots, a table and chairs and an outdoor deck with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. This unique tenting experience is maintained by the Ditidaht Guardians. Immerse yourself in the natural and cultural wonders and let the Ditidaht First Nation welcome you to their traditional territory with this unique experience. Weekend packages available. www.westcoasttrail.com

Hikers who are planning to utilize the 3rd entrance are advised to plan for the same rigorous and challenging excursion, whether you’re entering or exiting at Nitinaht. Reservations for the 3rd entrance open on January 11, 2016. Start planning your adventure today! Don’t forget to read our planning guide to ensure you’re well prepared and your trip is the best experience possible.


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