When visiting or driving through Kootenay National Park, you may encounter one or more construction zones. To help you plan your visit, please see below for a list of current and upcoming projects. For information about Alberta highway conditions visit 511 Alberta, call 1-855-391-9743 toll-free, or dial 511 (inside Alberta only). For British Columbia highway conditions visit Drive BC or call 1-800-550-4997 toll-free.

Parks Canada’s federal infrastructure investment program

Parks Canada’s federal infrastructure investment program

Announced in 2015, Parks Canada is investing $3 billion over five years to rehabilitate infrastructure assets within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada. This historic investment supports conservation while making our infrastructure safer and more appealing to visitors.

A significant amount of Parks Canada’s existing infrastructure assets require action now, and the paving projects, rock and slope stabilisation, and rehabilitation of bridges planned as part of this historic investment will provide an improved visitor experience for the almost five million visitors to the mountain national parks each year, while protecting the ecological and cultural integrity of our national treasures.

As one of the largest federal custodians, Parks Canada manages a variety of real property and infrastructure assets. In Banff National Park, the infrastructure portfolio is wide-ranging and includes assets such as highways, bridges, contemporary and historic buildings, trails, campgrounds, water and wastewater treatment facilities, visitor centres and operations compounds.

Construction projects in the mountain national parks

This is not an exhaustive list of infrastructure projects underway. Only projects that may impact visitors are listed. 

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Infrastructure project - Construction

Infrastructure project - Closure



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Construction in Sinclair Canyon

Please check Drive BC for current road conditions before you travel. The safety of motorists and workers is Parks Canada’s top priority. Please respect traffic control personnel and reduced speed zones to help keep workers and motorists safe.

Safety improvements in Sinclair Canyon

Expect cumulative delays of up to 20 minutes.

Safety improvements in Sinclair Canyon

Safety improvements, including new sidewalks, curb / gutters, hand railings, street lighting and retaining walls are underway. Work will start at the Kootenay west gate and continue toward the Hot Springs overflow parking lot 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Friday, with occasional weekend work. No work Sundays or long weekends.


Construction at Radium Hot Springs 

Radium Hot Springs grand opening ceremony as seen from the original parking lot. / Radium Hot Springs grand opening ceremony as seen from deck level.

Parks Canada is currently investing $5.7 million dollars to restore and improve the Radium Hot Springs aquacourt facility for current and future generations of visitors to enjoy. 

Radium Hot Springs and Pleiades Spa and Wellness remain open while construction is ongoing. A temporary access ramp has been installed and opened to the public on December 15, 2017.

Radium Hot Springs is a federally designated heritage building. Constructed between 1949 and 1951, the Radium Hot Springs aquacourt facility was the first major post Second World War building project in Canada’s western national parks. 

What is happening?

This investment covers five multi-staged projects being rolled out consecutively between 2016 and 2018. The focus of the current projects is to repair the facility’s structure. Once complete, this work will be the single largest investment into the facility since it opened in 1951.  

Radium Hot Springs and Pleiades Spa and Wellness remain open while construction is ongoing. 

Parks Canada is making every effort to minimize the disturbance on site during construction. Temporary walls and safety fencing have been installed around the construction areas to ensure visitors’ safety when accessing the site. 

Visitor safety is Parks Canada’s top priority. Please respect all closed signs and fencing. 

  • Hours of operation: Radium Hot Springs and Pleiades Spa and Wellness 
  • Learn more about what Parks Canada is doing to restore and improve barrier free access at Radium Hot Springs

When is this work occurring?

Construction at Radium Hot Springs began in the fall of 2016 and will continue through spring 2018. Three of the five projects (outlined below) are now complete. 

The remaining two projects – the pedestrian access ramp on the west side of the facility and the original main entry bridge – have been winterized and work in these locations will resume in the spring of 2018. 

Parks Canada anticipates completing these final two projects by the summer of 2018. 

Why is this work important?

This work represents the single largest investment that Parks Canada has made in Radium Hot Springs since the facility was opened in 1951. Once complete, these projects will:

  • Ensure the facility meets current building codes and safety requirements
  • Improve accessibility at Radium Hot Springs
  • Reduce the facility’s environmental footprint 
  • Protect a federally designated heritage building (FHBRO designated) and pool facilities for future generations of Canadians to enjoy.
  • Improve habitat for Rubber Boas, a snake species of special concern
Completed projects
Roof top patio
  • Replace sundeck and pool level roofs
  • Repair water damage and fix existing leaks
  • Install new pavers and safety railings

Roof top deck under construction at Radium Hot Springs. / New roof top deck at Radium Hot Springs.

Resturant and gift shop renovation
  • Renovate diner space
  • Replace all mechanical,  electrical systems and fire protection systems
  • Create a new floor plan for the space

Beginning of renovation on restaurant and gift shop. Restaurant and gift shop mid-way through renovation. Completed restaurant and gift shop renovation at Radium Hot Springs.

The contract to operate the café and gift shop concession will be put to tender during the fall of 2017. Anyone interested in operating the food and beverage and gift shop concession at the Radium Hot Springs pools may contact us in advance and ask to be advised with the tender package is released to the public.

Please contact: Julian England, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Rockies Hot Springs, 250-347-2128.

Mechanical and electrical system upgrades
Basement following renovation.
  • Replace out-dated and inefficient mechanical and electrical components in the main building and swimming pools with new energy efficient technology
  • Upgrade geothermal building heating and domestic hot water systems
  • Replace all water pipes and valves
  • Replace emergency power generator
  • Replace the de-chlorination system
  • Improve fire sprinkler system coverage
In progress


Construction will resume in early spring 2018 to accommodate unanticipated site conditions, required changes to engineering design, and winter weather.

Pedestrian access ramp from small parking lot to the aquacourt
Planned completion: Summer 2018
  • Demolish existing 50 year old ramp (complete).
  • Replace with a new ramp spanning more than 50 metres with a 2.8 m elevation. The new ramp shares many of the same engineering complexities as a bridge due to its location. 
  • Install enhanced snowmelt system to improve winter accessibility.
Main pedestrian bridge, walkway structural repairs and grounds improvement
Planned completion: Summer 2018
  • Demolish the north entrance pedestrian bridge (complete)
  • Replace the north entrance pedestrian bridge
  • Structural repairs to the retaining wall above the shallow soaking pool (“hot pool”)
  • Construct second pedestrian access ramp
  • Create additional barrier-free parking spots in current passenger drop off-area 
  • Install enhanced snowmelt system to improve winter accessibility
  •  Landscaping, sightline and outdoor lighting improvements
Are any interior renovations planned?


Interior renovations are in the planning phase and will be announced when designs are finalized and funding is in place. The $5.7 million dollars announced in 2015 was earmarked for the projects identified above. Parks Canada has prioritized structural repairs to ensure the long-term viability of the facility for current and future generations of Canadians.


For more information: 

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Public Relations and Communications Officer