Become a volunteer trailhead host in support of bear conservation!

LEARN about black and grizzly bears
SHARE the knowledge
BUILD awareness
PROTECT an iconic species

Project description:

Trailhead hosts will provide information to visitors on trails and safe hiking in bear habitat in Glacier National Park. The tasks require good communication skills and the ability to work independently. Trailhead hosts will need a reasonable level of fitness, and experience in hiking in alpine terrain would be considered an asset.

Looking to stay overnight in Glacier National Park? Trailhead hosts will be provided with a campsite, free of charge!

Volunteer tasks:

  • Trailhead host in Glacier National Park: provide visitors with information about travel in bear habitat and updates on bear conservation.  Advise visitors of hiking restrictions or warnings (eg: Group of 4) as applicable.

Dates / times / commitment:

  • Trailhead hosts and trail ambassadors are required from July through September. Scheduling is flexible!  Shifts will begin in the early morning and run until early afternoon.

Training / orientation provided: 

  • Parks Canada mandate and Glacier National Park information.

  • “In class” learning sessions on bear biology, ecology, conservation issues and actions, key Parks Canada messages, “on location” training and safe travel orientation.
Grizzly bear cub in Glacier National Park

For more information and an application form, contact us:

Phone: 250-837-7500