Public consultation

Consultation and engagement are key priorities for Parks Canada. As with all similar projects, Parks Canada is consulting with Indigenous Peoples, partners, stakeholders and the public on the proposed Icefields Trail (North) concept. Through these consultations, Parks Canada hopes to identify issues and opportunities that will be considered in the decision-making process.

It is important to note that the proposed Icefields Trail is currently in the conceptual phase and no final decisions have been made.

We thank all members of the public who participated in Part 1 consultations, provided feedback on the Icefields Trail (North) concept and those who attended our public open house sessions. Parks Canada is committed to ensuring that appropriate consideration and time is given to the overall consultation process and, to this end, has extended the length of time for Indigenous consultations to allow for additional time for meaningful consultations with the numerous Indigenous groups wishing to participate in the process.

Extending the consultations timelines will also facilitate several requests received during the public open house sessions for this step to occur outside of the busy summer months.

Ongoing updates regarding the proposed Icefields Trail (North) will be shared here as they become available. Interested individuals are invited to visit this webpage regularly.

Proposed Route


Item Dates

Part 1: Public consultation - Input for drafting detailed impact analysis

March 1 - April 24, 2017
Now complete

Indigenous consultation - Input for drafting detailed impact analysis

March 1 - Fall 2017

Drafting detailed impact analysis for Part 2 of consultations - Incorporate Part 1 comments

Late 2017

Further Public/Indigenous consultation - Review draft detailed impact analysis

As required, further consultation and review of the draft detailed impact analysis will take place.


Decision on detailed impact analysis



The following information was made available during Part 1 consultations:

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