Regular Dams (multiple) Repairs | Various locations from Ottawa to Kingston

The Parks Canada Agency manages more than 200 dams in canals and waterways. Throughout the systems, various types of dams are found including concrete gravity, earth embankment and stone arch dams. Regular repairs to these essential water management structures are needed to ensure that dams are reliable, functional, meet current engineering and safety codes and standards, and that water management capabilities are optimized. Dams on the Rideau Canal that have been identified as needing regular repairs include the following: Kingston Mills Earth Dam, Kingston Mills Arch Dam and Weir, Old Slys Weir, Long Island Arch Dam Vegetation, Jones Falls Arch Dam, Merrickville Weir, and Manotick Dam.

Lock Masonry Repairs (Various) | Various locations from Ottawa and Kingston

The Rideau Canal spans 202 kilometers from Ottawa to Kingston and is connected by 47 locks. This project will undertake major masonry repairs at: Long Island Lock 14, Burritts Rapids Lock 17, Merrickville Lockstations, Old Slys Lock 26 and 27, Combined Old Locks, Poonamalie Lock 32, Newboro Lock 36, Chaffeys Lock 37, Upper Brewers Lock 43, and Lower Brewers Lock 45. Additionally, this project will provide resources to complete repointing work where required. Repairing the lock chambers along the system will ensure that vessels can continue to safely travel through the waterway and that visitors will be able to enjoy these historic structures for generations to come.

Repairs to Bridges | Various locations from Ottawa and Kingston

Rehabilitation and repairs will be completed over a period of three years on the following bridges along the Rideau Canal: Long Island swing bridge, Kilmarnock swing bridge, Old Slys swing bridge, Detached swing bridge, Narrows swing bridge, Lower Brewers swing bridge, and Brass Point fixed and swing bridges. This work will improve the overall lifespan and safety of these structures, and may entail structural repairs, repainting, and re-surfacing of bridge decks. 

Replacement of Lock Gates | Various locations from Ottawa and Kingston 

These new funds will augment Parks Canada’s internal capacity for lock gate replacement over the next four years and address a backlog of deferred work related to timber lock gates on the Rideau Canal. Currently, Parks Canada has the internal capacity to fabricate and install approximately three sets of gates per year. This funding will allow Parks Canada to double its gate production capacity over the life of the project.

Trent-Severn Waterway and Rideau Stop Log Replacements | Various Locations across the Trent-Severn Waterway and Rideau Canal

Ongoing replacement program for stoplogs at dams.