Not your high school history lesson

Visitors explore controversial Canadian topics in an interactive discussion led by an interpreter, while taking breaks to explore the historic house and grounds.  Sessions are occurring Thursday Evenings throughout the summer, attend one or attend all four!


July 6th: MacDonald, women and booze
Probe the lesser known aspects of Sir John A. Macdonald’s life including his controversial relationship with alcohol and women. This is a tour like no other brought to life through games, debate, and discussion. Politics in 1840’s Kingston was often under the influence, and Macdonald’s decisions still affect your life today.

July 20th: Together forever – The confederation story
150 years ago, not everyone was on board the idea of a country called Canada. Did a few drunken parties turn the cons to pros? Who wooed who? What cost are we still paying to this day? Discover the major players who established the framework of a nation.

August 10th: Macdonald and the wild west
Shootouts! Bribery! Murder! This isn’t a Hollywood genre, as life really is stranger than fiction. Winning the west in order to expand national borders was not without conflict and controversy. It’s time to get Riel about Macdonald’s role in rebellion, expulsion and immigration.

August 24th: Off the rails - Building of the CPR, the pacific scandal and immigration 
Nothing is off the table in this uncensored tour of Canadian history. Get your Kicking Horse Pass and board the train to discover how Macdonald’s last spike bent the rules to make friends rich. It is the scandal that cost the Prime Minister his job while connecting a country from coast to coast. 

Space is limited, Reservations are encouraged: 613-545-8666

Program Fee: $14.70 per person