Fort Rodd Hill is a coast artillery fort built in the late 1890s to defend Victoria and the Esquimalt Naval Base. The fort includes three gun batteries, underground magazines, command posts, guardhouses, barracks and searchlight emplacements. There are numerous interpretive signs and audio-visual stations, as well as period furnished rooms.

Fisgard Lighthouse was built in 1860 as the first permanent lighthouse on Canada's west coast. The former keeper's house now contains exhibits and a video station.

Home Town Heroes
Two young pilots from 419 “Moose” Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force share a moment of friendship in Yorkshire, England, 1944

Home Town Heroes

Experience the joys and sorrows of ordinary people in difficult times. Follow on the Fort Rodd Hill website, Facebook and Twitter as our Parks Canada historian unearths artifacts that transport us back to wartimes.

A tattered cloth poppy. A postcard scribbled to Mom from the trenches. An official photo of a grave sent to a sister back home. Small things tell powerful stories of courage, love and loss.

Thousands of men and women, living near Fort Rodd Hill or with a connection to this place, served with the Canadian forces in the World Wars and other conflicts. Many lost their lives.

Travel back in time. Touch a piece of the past. Pay tribute to our home town heroes.