• What is a volunteer?

    Parks Canada National Volunteer Program considers a volunteer to be an individual who contributes without salary or wage, his/her time and talent to a project and has signed a volunteer agreement.

  • What types of activities do volunteers undertake?

    The opportunities are numerous and can relate to nature, culture and heritage, visitor experiences, vegetation, wildlife and more. For example, some volunteers create period costumes, while others restore artifacts. Some conduct rare plant inventories or participate in butterfly counts and frog monitoring. Other volunteers greet visitors at campgrounds, guide visitors on tours, and much more.

  • What can I expect as a volunteer?
    • You can expect to be greeted by people that sincerely value and welcome volunteers.
    • You can expect to be treated with respect.
    • You can expect to connect to your natural and cultural heritage.
    • You can expect to learn, to give, to make a difference and to have new experiences.
    • You can expect to meet new people who share similar interests.
    • You can expect to have fun!

    Learn more about volunteering with Parks Canada through some of our Volunteers’ stories.

  • What skills or qualifications do I need to volunteer?

    Most opportunities only require your enthusiasm, motivation and passion!

    A few do require specific skills or qualifications, but the needs vary widely so simply tell us in your Volunteer application form (PDF format) about any special skills or education you would like to share with Parks Canada.

  • Do I have to volunteer for a specific number of hours per week or month?

    No. We invite you to join us for a special event lasting only a few hours or welcome you to play a part in protecting and presenting your heritage year-round, year after year. How much you volunteer depends on you!

    There are many opportunities, so there is sure to be a way you can volunteer with Parks Canada even given today’s often hectic schedules.

  • Where can I volunteer?

    Most of Parks Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas welcome volunteers. If you are interested in one location in particular, we recommend you contact them directly. To discover some of the volunteering opportunities available to you visit the Volunteering opportunities section.

  • Is accommodation provided to volunteers?

    Accommodation in or near parks and sites is usually quite limited. In most cases, volunteers must find and secure their own accommodation. If you need somewhere to stay, please contact the location(s) where you wish to volunteer and inquire directly about what options exist.

  • How old do I have to be to volunteer?

    All ages are welcome!

    Those under 18 years of age require permission from a parent or guardian to participate. In some locations, Youth Volunteer Projects exist that aim to create a fun and challenging environment where youth can develop skills and learn about nature and history.

    Volunteers who are 90 years old and older must legally accept that they are not covered by the National Volunteer Program Insurance Policy.