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Eastern Newfoundland Atlantic Region

Razor Bills
Razor Bills


...the country in all directions ... appeared to be covered with one dense unbroken pine forest, with here and there a bold granitic pap projecting above the dark-green surface.... Wind-fallen trees, underwood, and brooks lay in our way, which, together with the suffocating heat in the woods, and mosquitoes, hindered us from advancing more than five miles on this day....

William Cormack, 1822
The only known European to walk across Newfoundland

Terra Nova National Park
Terra Nova National Park


The eroded remains of the ancient Appalachian Mountains give this region a rugged, hilly countenance. Along the coast in many places, sea cliffs rise precipitously 200-300 metres. Inland are innumerable lakes and rocky, fast-flowing rivers. The wounds left by the passing of the glaciers have not healed over much of the region. Large areas of exposed bedrock where the soil has been scraped away remain. Other areas are covered by glacial till. Lichen-encrusted erratic boulders perch on barren hilltops.

National Parks System Plan, 3rd Edition

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