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Northern Labrador Mountains

Northern Labrador Mountains

Miriam Lake, Torngat Mountains
Miriam Lake,
Torngat Mountains


Breath-taking fiords, jagged peaks rising abruptly from a frigid sea, icebergs, polar bears, glaciers ... some of the most spectacular coastscapes in the world are found in this natural region - unknown to all but the Inuit.


This region contains two distinct, contrasting landscapes: the George Plateau and the spectacular Torngat Mountains.

The George Plateau is a level bedrock plain cut by deep river valleys sloping gently to Ungava Bay. The effects of glaciation are ubiquitous: drumlin fields, kame terraces (ridges of water-born sediments deposited by melting glaciers), erratics and eskers that snake over the plateau.

The Torngat Mountains, among the highest, most rugged mountains in eastern North America and one of the world's most beautiful wild coastlines, provide a spectacular counterpoint to the gentle George Plateau.

Nachvak Fiord, Torngat Mountains
Nachvak Fiord,
Torngat Mountains


Forest-tundra, characterized by open stands of black spruce and tamarack with an understory of low-lying arctic shrubs, dominates the southern part of the region. As one moves north and climbs higher, the vegetation becomes sparse, consisting mainly of lichens, mosses, sedges, grasses and hardy arctic flowers. Shrubs such as willow and alder are limited to sheltered areas. Rock deserts with little vegetation other than lichens and a few low-lying hardy forbs cover large areas.


National Parks System Plan, 3 rd Edition

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