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Mackenzie Moutains

Mackenzie Mountains


A complex land of magnificent beauty on a staggering scale. Boiling rivers slicing through canyon walls that soar upwards. Broad plateaux washed in shades of red by dwarf birch. Limeston fantasy-landscapes of sinkholes, pinnacles, rock bridges and stalactite-studded caves leading "God knows where".

Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park Reserve
Virginia Falls,
Nahanni National Park Reserve

© Parks Canada


South Nahanni River, Third Canyon
South Nahanni River,
Third Canyon

© Parks Canada

This is a limestone land of mountains and broad plateaux. The wide sweeping valleys of the Mackenzie and Liard rivers cut through this region. Rivers slice through the extensive high plateaux and mountains, carving deep canyons. Those of the South Nahanni are best known, but similar breathtaking canyons are found along other rivers in this region. Some of the most spectacular karst formations in the world are located here.


Dense boreal forests of white and black spruce, with stands of jack pine or lodgepole pine, cover the rolling uplands and terraces above the Mackenzie and Liard river valleys. Open boreal forests, interspersed with tundra covered by dwarf birch or grasses cloak the mountain flanks and high plateaux. Extensive areas of alpine tundra are found throughout this region.

National Parks System Plan, 3rd Edition

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