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National Historic Sites of the Mountain Parks


Number 1
April 2005

Mountains, lakes, wildlife - when people think of the mountain national parks, it's usually our natural heritage that comes to mind. Fewer people think “history.” Yet, in Waterton Lakes, Yoho, Jasper, and Banff National Parks, fifteen national historic sites commemorate cultural resources that have shaped Western Canada and the mountain parks. They tell the story of trade and travel, exploration and economic development, tourism, scientific exploration - even our relationship with outer space.

Parks Canada recently embarked on a management planning process for these national historic sites. Key to the success of this endeavour is the participation of the public, stakeholders, and First Nations. Feedback from these groups will help set priorities for protection and presentation.

During the coming year, Parks Canada staff will prepare draft management plans for public comment. The Minister of the Environment will review the plans, which, once approved, will guide the protection, presentation and use of the national historic sites in the mountain parks for the next ten to fifteen years.

Parks Canada values the ongoing interest and support of stakeholders and the public for its national historic sites. I encourage as many people as possible to share ideas and participate in all stages of the planning process.

Bill Fisher
Executive Director, Mountain Parks
Parks Canada