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Management Plan

View of Rogers Pass from Abbott Ridge Trail, Glacier National Park.
Rogers Pass
© Parks Canada/Mas Matsushita/MRGNP collection

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Planning Context

3.0 Vision

4.0 A Place for Nature: Managing for Ecological Integrity

5.0 A Place of Historical and Cultural Significance: Protection of Cultural Resources

6.0 Rogers Pass National Historic Site of Canada

7.0 Engaging Canadians and International Visitors

8.0 A Place for People

9.0 Transportation

10.0 Landscape Management Units

11.0 A Place for Open Management: Partnerships, Public Involvement and Regional Coordination

12.0 A Place for Environmental Stewardship: Administration and Operations

13.0 Park Zoning and Wilderness Area Declaration

14.0 Summary of the Environmental Assessment


Figures and Tables

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