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Management Plan

Appendix D

Appropriate Activities for Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park
  1. frontcountry and backcountry hiking
  2. frontcountry camping in Glacier National Park (Illecillewaet, Loop Brook and Sir Donald campgrounds)
  3. random backcountry camping (except within 5 km of the nearest road or the Miller Lake area) and designated backcountry camping
  4. picnicking
  5. road bicycling
  6. mountain bicycling (on designated trails) in Mount Revelstoke National Park
  7. cross-country and backcountry skiing
  8. snowshoeing
  9. climbing and mountaineering
  10. caving
  11. kayaking, canoeing, rafting
  12. lake fishing
  13. pleasure driving

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