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Management Plan

Appendix A

List of Contributors/Planning Team
Bill Browne

Warden Services/Ecosystem Manager

Brenda DeMone

Highway Area Manager

Pam Doyle

Field Unit Superintendent

Roger Eddy

Environmental Assessment/ Cultural Resource Management Coordinator

Peter Francis


Susan Hall

Conservation Biologist

Debbie Kilfoyle

Management Planner

Tim Laboucane

Backcountry Manager

Doreen McGillis

Heritage Programs Officer

Marty Magne

Manager Cultural Resource Services, Parks Canada - Calgary

Michael Morris

Communication Specialist

Murray Peterson

Fire and Vegetation Specialist

Al Primerano

Technical Services Manager

Rick Reynolds

A/Communications and Visitor Services Manager

Suzanne Richards

Environmental Science and Assessment Coordinator, Parks Canada - Winnipeg

Jillian Roulet

Senior Policy Advisor - Mountain Parks

David Skjonsberg

Avalanche Control Manager

Betty Sloan

Finance and Administration Manager

Glenn Webber

Public Consultation Officer, Parks Canada - Calgary

John Woods

Faunal Specialist

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