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Anglo-Russian Treaty of 1825 (E), BC Established boundary between British and Russian possessions on West Coast
Atlantic Charter (E), NF Basis for United Nations Charter, issued in 1941
Beaumont-Hamel (S), France Represents Newfoundland's accomplishment, contribution and sacrifice in World War I
Boundary Water Treaty of 1909 (E), ON Negotiated between the American and British governments to settle outstanding environmental issues
Canadian Sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago (E), NT Events associated with exercise of Canadian sovereignty
Déline Fishery/Franklin's Fort (S), NT Wintering quarters of Sir John Franklin and his second expedition
Food and Agriculture Organization (E), QC First of the new United Nations agencies, established in 1945
Foster, Sir George Eulas (P), NB Statesman, orator and administrator, supporter of the League of Nations
Herschel Island (E),YT Canadian sovereignty in the Western Arctic; inter-cultural contact at Herschel Island; whaling industry in Western Arctic
Mackenzie Papineau-Battalion (E), ON Volunteer force formed to oppose Fascists in Spanish Civil War, 1937-39
North American Boundary Commission of 1872-1876 (E), MB Last gap in the transcontinental boundary between Canada and the United States
North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 (E), ON Turning point in the history of Canada's participation in international affairs; emerging diplomatic presence with influence on international stage
Opening of the St. Lawrence to All Nations (E), QC 1849 revocation of navigation laws banning foreign ships
Oregon Treaty of 1846 (E), BC Established the 49th parallel as the United States-Canada border west of Rockies
Pearson, Lester Bowles (P), ON Prime Minister of Canada (1963-68); Nobel Peace Prize (1956)
Pope, Sir Joseph (P), PE Distinguished civil servant (1878-1925), Department of External Affairs, author
Roosevelt, Franklin D. and Campobello Island (E), NB Roosevelt's summer home on his "beloved island"
Vanier, Georges-Philias (P), QC Governor General of Canada (1959-67), soldier, ambassador to France (1944-53)
Vimy Ridge (S), France Represents Canada's accomplishment, contribution and sacrifice in World War I
Wreck of the Elizabeth and Mary (S), QC One of four vessels from the fleet of Admiral William Phips, lost in 1690
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