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Alberta Field Force (E), AB Led by Major-General Strange during the North-West Rebellion, 1885
Alberton Court House (S), PE 1877 circuit court house
Annapolis County Court House (S), NS Archetypal 1837 Palladian style colonial court house
Antigonish County Court House (S), NS Typical mid 19th-century Maritime court house, 1855
Archibald, Samuel George William (P), NS Attorney General of Nova Scotia (1831-41), Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island (1824-28)
Battle of Cut Knife Hill (S), SK Cree repulse Canadian attack, 1885
Battle of Duck Lake (S), SK First battle of 1885 North-West Rebellion
Battle of Fish Creek (S), SK Site of battle between Métis and Canadian forces, 1885
Battle of Seven Oaks (S), MB Conflict between Métis and Red River settlers, 1816
Battleford Court House (S), SK 1909 symbol of justice in new province
Battleford-Swift Current Trail (E), SK Used by Canadian militia to reach Battleford, 1885
Begbie, Sir Matthew Baillie (P), BC Famous judge, Chief Justice of British Columbia (1870-94)
Blackfoot Crossing (S), AB Traditional meeting place on Blackfoot Reserve
Bloody Falls (S), NU Pre-contact hunting and fishing sites
Bolton-Est Town Hall (S), QC Erected in 1867 by community out of local wood
Carrying Place of the Bay of Quinte (S), ON Site of 1787 treaty between British and Mississauga
Charlotte County Court House (S), NB Fine early example of Maritime court house
Cypress Hills Massacre (E), SK 1873 attack on Assiniboines by wolf hunters, North-West Mounted Police restored order
Duff, Sir Lyman Poore (P) Chief Justice of Canada (1933-44), expert in constitutional law
Dumont, Gabriel (P), SK Métis leader in Saskatchewan, military commander in North-West Rebellion
Establishment of the North-West Mounted Police (E), SK Created to exercise Canadian sovereignty and enforce law, 1873
Ewart, John Skirving (P), MB Lawyer, publicist, in Manitoba schools dispute (1890-96)
Fitzpatrick, Sir Charles (P), QC Chief Justice of Canada, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec (1918-23); chief counsel for Louis Riel (1885)
Former Vancouver Law Courts (S), BC Imposing urban court house in Beaux-Arts style
Former Victoria Law Courts (S), BC Earliest British Columbia court house, distinctive eclectic design
Fort Battleford (S), SK North-West Mounted Police headquarters, 1876
Fort Calgary (S), AB Site of 1875 North-West Mounted Police post
Fort Livingstone (S), SK Original headquarters of North-West Mounted Police
Fort MacLeod (S), AB Site of North-West Mounted Police headquarters, 1876-78
Fort Pitt (S), SK Site of Hudson's Bay Company post, signing of Treaty No. 6
Fort Qu'Appelle (S), SK Hudson's Bay Company fort, negotiation of Treaty No. 4
Fort Saint-Jean (S), QC Built after 1837 uprising, now Collège militaire royal
Fort Steele (S), BC Site of 1887 North-West Mounted Police barracks
Fort Walsh (S), SK Early North-West Mounted Police post
Fort Whoop-Up (S), AB Whisky post, led to formation of North-West Mounted Police
Frenchman Butte (S), SK Site of 1885 battle, Cree and Canadian troops
Frog Lake Massacre (S), AB Site of Cree uprising, 1885
Frontenac County Court House (S), ON Monumental neoclassical court house facing Lake Ontario, opened in 1858
Grant, Cuthbert (P), MB Métis leader at Battle of Seven Oaks (1816),Warden of the Plains for Hudson's Bay Company
Halifax Court House (S), NS 1858 Italianate court house
Harbour Grace Court House (S), NF Oldest court house in Newfoundland, 1830
Herschel Island (E),YT Canadian sovereignty in the Western Arctic; inter-cultural contact at Herschel Island; whaling industry in Western Arctic
Huron County Gaol (S), ON Distinctive octagonal jail design, 1839-41
Île d'Orléans Seigneury (S), QC Early French regime manor illustrating seigneurial system
Indian Treaty No. 1 (E), MB Signed in 1871, Ojibway and Swampy Cree ceded Territory of Manitoba
Indian Treaty No. 3 (E), ON Signed in 1873, Ojibway (Saulteaux) and Chippewa ceded northwestern Ontario
Indian Treaty No. 6 (E), SK Signed in 1876, Cree ceded territories to the Crown
Indian Treaty of 1778 (E), NB Treaty to confirm the loyalty of the Mi'kmaq and Malecite to the Crown
Japanese Canadian Internment (E), BC Internment of 22,000 Japanese-Canadians during World War II
Joliette Court House (S), QC Mid 19th-century standard plan court house
Kingston Penitentiary (S), ON Oldest penitentiary in Canada, begun in 1834
L'Isle-Verte Court House (S), QC Domestic-style court house serving rural area, 1859-60
Lacombe, Albert, O.M.I. (P), AB Roman Catholic missionary in the Canadian West (1852-1916), to the Blackfoot and Cree
Leeds and Grenville County Court House (S), ON 1840s neoclassical colonial courthouse

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