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d'Aulnay, Charles de Menou (P), NS Governor of Acadia (1647-50), organized colonies at Port-Royal and Saint John
Dalnavert (S), MB Queen Anne revival home of Hugh John Macdonald
Davies, Sir Louis Henry (P), PE Premier of Prince Edward Island (1876-79), Chief Justice of Canada (1918-24)
Davin, Nicholas Flood (P), SK Founded the Regina Leader newspaper (1883), Member of Parliament for West Assiniboia (1887-1900)
Dawson, Robert MacGregor (P), NS Political scientist, wrote text book The Government of Canada
De Bienville, Jean-Baptiste le Moyne (P), QC Governor of Louisiana, founded Mobile, Alabama (1702) and New Orleans (1718)
de Buade, Louis (Count of Frontenac) (P), QC Governor General of New France (1672-82, 1689-98), extended it to the Great Lakes
De Cosmos, Amor (P), BC Premier of British Columbia (1872-74), founded the British Colonist
Denison, Colonel George T. (P), ON Founder of the Canada First Movement and the Imperial Federation League
Desbarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet (P), NS First Lieutenant-Governor of Cape Breton (1784-87), charted coast of Nova Scotia
Dewdney, Edgar (P), SK Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories (1881-88), established Regina as capital
Dickey, Robert Barry (P), NS Father of Confederation
Diefenbaker, John George (P), SK Prime Minister of Canada (1957-63)
Donnacona (P), QC Iroquois leader, dealings with Jacques Cartier
Dorion, Sir Antoine-Aimé (P), QC Minister of Justice of Canada (1873-74), Chief Justice of Quebec (1874-91)
Douglas, Sir Howard (P), NB Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick (1823-31), Chancellor of King's College, University of New Brunswick
Douglas, Sir James (P),BC Governor of Vancouver Island (1851-63), first Governor of British Columbia (1858-64)
Dufferin, Marquess of (Frederick Blackwood) (P), QC Governor General of Canada (1872-78), writer, traveller, linguist and diplomat
Dunning, Charles Avery (P), SK Premier of Saskatchewan (1922-26); Federal Minister of Finance
Duplessis, Maurice (P), QC Founded Union Nationale Party in 1935, Premier of Quebec (1936-39, 1944-59)
Earnscliffe (S), ON Longtime Ottawa home of Sir John A. Macdonald, Prime Minister of Canada (1867-73, 1878-91); Eagles Cliff, 1855-57
Edwards, Henrietta Muir (P), AB Social and legislative reformer, fought for rights of women
Étienne-Paschal Taché House (S), QC Eclectic home of Father of Confederation, Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché
Fielding,William Stevens (P), NS Premier of Nova Scotia (1884-96), federal Minister of Finance (1896-1911, 1921-25)
First Responsible Government in the British Empire Overseas (E), NS First Executive Council of majority party elected representatives (1848)
Fisher, Charles (P), NB Father of Confederation, Premier of New Brunswick (1851-61)
Foremost Man (Neekaneet) (P), SK Plains Cree chief, followers settled in Cypress Hills in 1880s
Fortin, Pierre-Étienne (P), QC President of Quebec Legislative Assembly (1875-76)
Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch (P), QC Entrepreneur, railway promoter and politician, Father of Confederation
Gardiner, James Garfield (P), SK Premier of Saskatchewan (1926-29, 1934-35), federal Minister of Agriculture (1935-57)
George Brown House (S), ON Home of Canadian statesman George Brown
Gray, Colonel John Hamilton (P), PE Father of Confederation, Premier of Prince Edward Island (1863-65)
Gray, John Hamilton (P), BC Father of Confederation, Speaker of the New Brunswick Assembly (1866-67)
Great George Street Historic District (S), PE Fine 19th-century streetscape associated with Confederation
Guy, John (P), NF Merchant venturer, governor of first English colony in Newfoundland
Haldimand, Sir Frederick (P), QC Governor of Quebec (1778-86), built the Coteau-du-lac Canal (1779), settled Loyalists on land
Hardy, Arthur Sturgis (P), ON Premier and Attorney General of Ontario (1896-99)
Hart, Ezekiel (P), QC First Jewish legislator in Canada, Member of Quebec Assembly (1807), influenced 1832 law on civil and political freedoms for Jews in Canada
Harvey, Sir John (P), NF Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island (1836-37), New Brunswick (1837-41), Governor of Newfoundland (1841-46)
Haultain, Sir Frederick W. G. (P), SK Premier of the North-west Territories (1891-1905), Chief Justice of Saskatchewan (1912-38)
Haviland, Thomas Heath (P), PE Father of Confederation
Head, Sir Edmund (P), ON First civilian Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, Governor General of British North America (1854-61)
Henry House (S),NS Common 19th-century urban type in local ironstone, 1834, residence of Father of Confederation William A. Henry
Henry,William Alexander (P), NS Father of Confederation
Hincks, Sir Francis (P), ON Important reform politician, 1840s, led the government of the Province of Canada (1851-54)
Hind, E. Cora (P), MB Leading advocate of women's rights and suffrage in Manitoba
Hocquart, Gilles (P), QC Intendant of New France (1731-48), began Les forges du Saint-Maurice
Howe, Clarence Decatur (P), ON Important Liberal cabinet minister, began Atomic Energy of Canada
Howe, Joseph (P), NS Premier of Nova Scotia (1860-63), achieved responsible government in Nova Scotia
Howland, Sir William Pearce (P), ON Father of Confederation
Hughes, Sir Samuel (P), ON Soldier, journalist, federal Minister of Militia and Defence (1911-16)
Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot) (P), AB Blackfoot chief, diplomat; established peace with the Plains Cree
Isbister, James (P), SK Leader of English Métis during critical time in their history, 1870s and 1880s
Jetté, Sir Louis-Amable (P), QC Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec (1898-1908), Chief Justice of Quebec (1908-11)
Johnson, John Mercer (P), NB Father of Confederation
Jonathan McCully House (S), NS Italianate urban residence of politician and Father of Confederation Jonathan McCully
King,William Lyon Mackenzie (P), ON Longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada (1921-26, 1926-30, 1935-48), through World War II
Kirke, Sir David (P), NF Captured Québec, 1629, first Governor of Newfoundland (1637-51)
LaFontaine, Sir Louis-Hippolyte (P), QC Reformer, co-Premier of the Province of Canada (1842-43, 1848-51)
Laird, David (P), PE Lieutenant-Governor of the Northwest Territories, Minister of the Interior
Lajoie, Marie Lacoste-Gérin (P), QC Crusader for women's rights in the province of Quebec; campaigned for women's suffrage
Lambton, John George (First Earl of Durham) (P), QC Governor General and High Commissioner of British North America in 1838
Land Tenure Question in Prince Edward Island (E), PE Disputes between landholders and tenants, strikes, riots, arson (1767-1866)

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