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Appendix 3 - Governing Canada
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Abbott, Sir John Joseph Caldwell (P), QC Prime Minister of Canada (1891-92)
Aberhart,William (P), AB Headed first Canadian Social Credit Party, Premier of Alberta (1935-43)
Archibald, Sir Adams George (P), NS Father of Confederation, Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba and North-west Territories (1870-72), Nova Scotia (1873-83)
Ardgowan (S), PE Residence of Father of Confederation William Henry Pope, circa 1850
Bagot, Sir Charles (P), ON Governor General of British North America (1841-43), associated with development of responsible government
Baldwin, Robert (P), ON Reformer, co-Premier of Province of Canada (1842-43, 1848-51), achieved responsible government
Beaulieu (S), AB 1891 sandstone mansion of Sir James A. Lougheed
Beaulieu II, François (P) NT Founding father of North-west Territories Métis, pre-eminent Métis leader
Bellevue House (S), ON Important Italianate villa, 1840s, home of Sir John A. Macdonald, Prime Minister of Canada (1867-73, 1878-91)
Belmont House/R.Wilmot Home (S), NB 1820s home of politician and Father of Confederation, Robert Duncan Wilmot
Bennett, Charles Fox (P), NF Noted Newfoundland entrepreneur and political leader
Bennett, Rt. Hon. Richard Bedford (P), AB Prime Minister of Canada (1930-35)
Black, Martha Louise (P),YT Second woman elected as Member of Parliament (1935), prominent Yukon figure
Blake, Edward (P), ON Ontario Premier (1871-72), noted Liberal leader and thinker
Blanshard, Richard (P), BC First governor of Vancouver Island (1849-51)
Bond, Sir Robert (P), NF Colonial Secretary of Newfoundland (1889-97), Prime Minister of Newfoundland (1900-09)
Borden, Sir Robert Laird (P), NS Prime Minister of Canada (1911-20)
Bourassa, Henri (P), QC French-Canadian nationalist politician, founder and editor of Le Devoir newspaper
Bowell, Sir Mackenzie (P), ON Prime Minister of Canada (1894-96), senator, journalist and statesman
Brant, Molly (P), ON Loyalist Six Nations leader
Campbell, Sir Alexander (P), ON Father of Confederation
Canada's Capital (E), ON Chosen by Queen Victoria in 1857, became capital in 1867
Carleton, Sir Guy (Lord Dorchester ) (P), QC Governor of Quebec (1768-78), Governor-in-Chief of British North America (1786-96)
Carling, Sir John (P), ON Brewer, Federal Minister of Agriculture (1885-92), established Dominion Experimental Farms
Carson,William (P), NF Advocate of social and political reform in 19th-century Newfoundland
Carter, Sir Frederick Bowker Terrington (P), NF Father of Confederation, Prime Minister of Newfoundland (1865-69, 1875-78)
Cartier, Sir George-Étienne (P), QC Major 19th-century French-Canadian leader, Father of Confederation
Cartwright, Sir Richard John (P), ON Canadian Minister of Finance (1873-78) and Minister of Trade and Commerce (1896-1904)
Champlain, Samuel de (P), ON Noted explorer, founded Quebec, considered father of New France
Chandler House/Rocklyn (S), NB Fine neoclassical residence of politician and Father of Confederation, Edward Barron Chandler
Chandler, Edward Barron (P), NS Father of Confederation, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick (1878-80)
Chapais House (S), QC Home of Father of Confederation Jean Charles Chapais, built in 1832-34
Chapais, Jean-Charles (P), QC Father of Confederation, senator (1868-85)
Chapais, Sir Thomas (P), QC Historian, senator, member of the Legislative Council of Quebec
Chapleau, Sir Joseph-Adolphe (P), QC Premier of Quebec (1879-82), federal cabinet minister (1882-92)
Cockburn, James (P), ON Father of Confederation, first Speaker of the House of Commons (1867-74)
Coles, George (P), PE Father of Confederation
Cornwallis, Edward (P), NS Founder of Halifax (1749), Governor of Nova Scotia (1749-52)
Cuvillier, Augustin (P), QC Speaker of the Assembly of Lower Canada (1841-44), founded Bank of Montréal

Appendix 3 - Governing Canada

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