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Black Railway Porters (E), QC With unions, workers achieve better labour relations and human rights
Chinese Construction Workers on the Canadian Pacific Railway (E),BC Role of the Chinese workers in building the Canadian Pacific Railway
Coaker, Sir William Ford (P), NF Newfoundland social reformer, founded the Fishermen's Protective Union in 1908
On-to-Ottawa Trek (E), SK Culmination of failure of Canada's depression-era relief projects for unemployed single men
Port Union Historic District (S), NF Town constructed and run by a union
Riding Mountain Park East Gate Registration Complex (S), MB Three rustic buildings built under depression relief programs
Walker Theatre (S), MB 1906 playhouse, site of labour and Women's Movement meetings, 1914
Winnipeg General Strike (E), MB 1919 strike led to strengthening of Labour Movement, founding of Commonwealth Cooperative Federation
Medalta Potteries, Alberta - Early 20th Century Beehive Kilns
Medalta Potteries, Alberta
Early 20th Century Beehive Kilns

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