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Africville (S), NS Community representative of Black settlement in Nova Scotia; enduring symbol to Black Canadians
Annapolis Royal Historic District (S), NS Strategic colonial capital with evolved townsite plan
Batoche (S), SK Métis village; site of 1885 Battle of Batoche
Bead Hill (S), ON Remains of 17th-century Seneca village
Beothuks (E), NF Now extinct Aboriginal inhabitants of Newfoundland
Bernier, Captain Joseph-Elzéar (P), QC Key figure in establishing Canadian sovereignty over Arctic Archipelago
Beth Israel Cemetery (S), QC 19th century cemetery reflecting Jewish burial traditions
Black Loyalist Experience (E), NS Commemorates Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Blackburn, Thornton and Lucie (P), ON Legendary refugees from slavery who established first cab company in Toronto
Boularderie, Sieurs de la (P), NS Louis-Simon (1674-1738), Son Antoine (1705-71), Cape Breton settlers
Brant's Ford (E), ON Haldimand Grant of 1784 provided Iroquois land along the Grand River
Buxton Settlement (S), ON Farming community established by Underground Railroad refugees; Elgin settlement
Cartier-Brébeuf (S), QC 1535-36 wintering place of Jacques Cartier
Champlain, Samuel de (P), ON Noted explorer, founded Quebec, considered father of New France
Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point (S), BC Chinese Canadian cemetery with significant pre-1950 mortuary features, distinctive plan and application of Feng Shui
Christ Church Royal Chapel (S), ON Historic royal chapel linked with establishment of Mohawk Peoples in Ontario
Cliff Site (S), ON Site of first French claim to region (de Casson and de Galinée), 1670
Colony of Avalon (S), NF Site of first English settlement in Canada (1621)
Coming of the New England Planters (Pre-Loyalists) (E), NS Settlers in undeveloped areas and lands of displaced Acadians, 1760-63
Craigflower Manor House (S), BC Fine example of an agricultural settlement company residence
Crawford Purchase (E), ON Purchase of land for Loyalist settlers from the Mississauga, 1783
Davidson,William (P), NB First English-speaking settler in the Miramichi district, pioneer ship-builder
de Maisonneuve, Paul de Chomedey (P), QC Founded the city of Montréal (Ville-Marie) in 1642
de Saint-Vallier, Monseigneur in Acadia (E), NB Visit of Monseigneur Jean-Baptiste de la Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier to Acadia in 1686-87
Denys Fort / Habitation (S), NB 17th-century French trading post
Denys, Nicolas (P), NB Trader, colonial promoter, began fishing ports in Acadia
Dominion Lands Survey System (E), MB 1871 system determined settlement patterns of Western Canada
Douglas, Thomas (5th Earl of Selkirk) (P), MB Colonizer, founded settlements in Prince Edward Island, 1803 and Red River district, 1811
Early Land Survey in Ontario (E), ON First four townships in Quinte area, for Loyalist settlers, 1783
Elaschuk House (S), MB 1911 Ukrainian khata or cottage, thatch roof
Establishment of New Iceland (E), MB Distinct experiment in democratic governance, associated with settlement of West, Icelandic-Canadian cultural legacy
Etharita Site (S), ON Main village of Wolf Tribe of Petun, 1647-49
First Homestead in Western Canada (S), MB Site of 1872 homestead, first under new survey system
Fort Amherst (S), NF Site of 1777 fortifications, St. John's Harbour

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