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Radisson, Pierre-Esprit (P), ON Fur trader and explorer, helped found the Hudson's Bay Company (1670)
Rae, John (P), NT Fur trader, Arctic explorer, searched for Franklin (1848, 1851, 1853-54)
Refugee Slaves (E), ON Canada as a haven for refugee slaves, 1850-65
Return of the Acadians (E), NB Arrival of Alexis Landry after 1755, beginning of resettlement
Roseau Route (E), MB War road of the Sioux to Lake of the Woods, early route to the West
Ross, Sir James Clark (P), NU Arctic explorer, sailed with Parry (1819-25), led 1848 Franklin search
Ross, Sir John (P), NU Arctic explorer, led Northwest Passage trips (1818, 1829-33), Franklin search (1850)
Sifton, Sir Clifford (P), MB Minister of the Interior (1896-1905), promoter of immigration to the West
Simpson, Thomas (P), MB Arctic explorer, charted the Western Arctic Coast (1837-39)
Stefansson,Vilhjalmur (P), MB Arctic explorer, major expeditions (1906-07, 1908-12, 1913-18)
Thayendanega (Brant, Joseph) (P), ON Mohawk leader, British ally, founded settlement in Brantford area
The Forks (S), MB Historic meeting place, junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers
The Main (S), QC Historic district, speaks to the development of cultural communities; Immigrants' Corridor
Thule Migration (E) Ancestors of modern Inuit spread from Alaska, circa AD 1000-1300
Union Station/Winnipeg Railway Station (Canadian National) (S), MB Beaux-Arts railway station, important in Western settlement
Vancouver, Captain George (P), BC Explorer, 1792-94 voyage charted most of the British Columbia coast
Voyageurs (E), QC Important role in the exploration of Canada's North-West
War Brides (E) Contributions of the some 48,000 war brides who came to Canada as a direct result of Canadian participation in World War II
Winnipeg Railway Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), MB Classically inspired railway station, gateway to West
Winterhousing (E), NF 250-year-old tradition of moving to sheltered homesteads in winter
Wintering Site (S), ON Early French (de Casson and de Galinée) exploration site, 1669-70
Wyandot (Hurons) (E), ON Huron and Petun who resettled in Windsor area in the 18th century; War of 1812
Yorkshire Immigration (E), NB Arrival of settlers in Chignecto area, 1772-76

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