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Augustine Mound Site (S), NB Pre-contact burial mound
Bedford Petroglyphs (S), NS Spiritually significant petroglyph site
Beth Israel Cemetery (S), QC 19th-century cemetery reflecting Jewish burial traditions
Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point (S), BC Chinese-Canadian cemetery with significant pre-1950 mortuary features, distinctive plan and application of Feng Shui
Congregation Emanu-el Temple (S), BC Oldest surviving synagogue in Canada, built in 1863
Gray Burial Site (S), SK One of oldest burial sites in Plains, circa 3000 BC
Grizzly Bear Mountain and Scented Grass Hills (S), NT Expression of cultural values through the interrelationship between landscape, oral histories, graves and cultural resources
Kejimkujik (S), NS Important Mi'kmaq cultural landscape
Kitselas Canyon Area (S), BC Remains of two Aboriginal villages and petroglyphs
L'Anse Amour Burial (S), NF Burial site, Maritime Archaic culture
Linear Mounds (S), MB Aboriginal burial mounds from AD 1000-1200
Manitou Mounds (S), ON Religious and ceremonial site for 2,000 years; Rainy River Mounds
Maritime Archaic Cemeteries/Phillips Garden Dorset (E), NF Three cemeteries representing Maritime Archaic culture
Mazinaw Pictograph Site (S), ON Largest Algonkian pictograph site in Canada
Next of Kin Memorial Avenue (S), SK Road of remembrance commemorating World War I soldiers
Peterborough Petroglyphs (S), ON Algonkian petroglyph site
Pointe Abitibi (S), QC Traditional summering area and sacred place for the Algonquin
Port au Choix (S), NF Pre-contact burial and habitation sites
Serpent Mounds Complex (S), ON Aboriginal peninsula site, 60 BC-AD 300
Sharon Temple (S), ON Elegant temple of Davidite sect, 1825-32
Whaler's Shrine Site (S), BC Aboriginal ritual site, shrine removed
Xá:ytem/Hatzic Rock (S), BC Habitation site of Stó:lo Peoples
Yuquot (S), BC Spanish settlement site, 1789-95

Appendix 5 - Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life

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