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Abbott, Maude E. (P), QC Prominent pioneer in medicine and research on heart disease
Adams, Frank Dawson (P), QC Geologist, developed science of modern structural geology
Archibald, Dr. Edward William (P), QC Leading Canadian thoracic surgeon in the 1920s who advanced medical knowledge
Banting House (S), ON Documented and recognized as the site of the defining moment of the discovery of insulin
Banting, Sir Frederick G. (P), ON Co-discoverer of insulin, shared Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1923
Bell, Dr. Robert (P), ON Explorer and geologist, Chief Geologist of Canada (1890-1906)
Bethune, Henry Norman (P), ON Famous medical figure and political activist
Churchill Rocket Research Range (S), MB Upper atmosphere research centre
Creation of the Atmospheric Environment Service (E), ON Establishment of continuous meteorological record keeping in Canada
Dawson, Dr. George Mercer (P), NS Director of the Geological Survey of Canada (1895)
Déline Fishery/Franklin's Fort (S), NT Wintering quarters of Sir John Franklin and his second expedition Development of Cobalt-60 Beam
Therapy Unit (Cobalt Bomb) (E), ON Its first use in 1951 marked a new era in the fight against cancer
Discovery and Development of the McIntosh Apple (E), ON Ideally suited for Canada's northern climate, has become accepted worldwide
Douglas, David (P), BC Pioneer botanist in western North America; identified the Douglas fir
Early Meteorology in Canada (E), ON University of Toronto campus site of British Army observations in 1840, forecasts by 1876
Establishment of the Experimental Farm Branch (E) Five experimental farms established by the federal government, 1886
Establishment of the Halifax Zoological Garden (E), NS First zoo in America north of Mexico, established by Andrew Downs, 1847
Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey (P), QC Pioneer in radio communication, developed sonic depth finder
Fifth Thule Expedition (E), NT Danish expedition, 1921-24, identified Thule culture of AD 900-1450
First Banding of a Bird (E), ON First banding of a wild bird, led to increased knowledge of migrations
First Dairy School in Canada (S), QC Founded by Edward André Barnard,1882
First Geodetic Survey Station (S), QC Built in 1905, systematic program of surveying
First International Polar Year, 1882-83 (E), NT Scientific studies by 11 countries, 1882-83
Former Geological Survey of Canada Building (S), ON First Ottawa home of the Geological Survey of Canada
Ganong,William Francis (P), NB Scientist, historian, professor of botany in United States
Gesner, Abraham (P), NS Physician, geologist and author, first refined kerosene (1846)
King, Dr.William Frederick (P), ON Founder of the Geodetic Survey of Canada, Dominion Observatory
Kingston General Hospital (S), ON Oldest public hospital in operation in Canada
Klotz, Otto Julius (P), ON Astronomer and geographer, Director of the Dominion Observatory (1917-23)
Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary (S), SK First wildfowl sanctuary in North America, 1887
Logan, Sir William Edmond (P), QC First Director of the Geological Survey of Canada (1842)
Macallum, Archibald Byron (P), ON Pioneer in scientific medicine, field of cellular microchemistry
Marie-Victorin, Brother (P), QC Botanist, author, educator, Flore Laurentienne (1935)
Montizambert, Dr. Frédérick (P), QC Developed quarantine stations that protected Canadians from deadly epidemics
Newcomb, Simon (P), NS Astronomer, United States Naval Observatory, director of the "Nautical Almanac" (1877-97)
Newton, Margaret (P), MB Contributed to scientific information on rust-resistant grains, rust diseases and wheat stem rust
Osler, Sir William (P), QC Medical researcher and educator, essays won a wide popular audience
Palliser Expedition (E), AB First scientific exploration from Lake Superior to Rocky Mountains, 1857-60
Penfield,Wilder Graves (P), QC Founder and director of the Montréal Neurological Institute
Plaskett, John Stanley (P), BC First director of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria (1917)
Provancher, Abbé Léon (P), QC Important author on natural sciences
Red Fife Wheat (E), ON Early-maturing, high-quality spring wheat discovered in 1842
Ross, Sir James Clark (P), NU Arctic explorer, sailed with Parry (1819-25), led 1848 Franklin search
Ross, Sir John (P), NU Arctic explorer, led Northwest Passage trips (1818, 1829-33), 1850 Franklin search
Royal Botanical Gardens (S), ON Important teaching and research gardens and conservation area
Rutherford, Ernest (P), QC Physicist, early discoveries in radioactivity and atomic particle theory
SS Acadia (S), NS Lead role in charting Hudson Bay, launched in 1913
Saunders, Sir Charles Edward (P), ON Developed the famous Marquis wheat at Central Experimental Farm
Saunders,William (P), ON Director of the Experimental Farms Branch of Department of Agriculture (1886)
Skinner, Frank Leith (P), MB Contributed to advancing horticulture in western Canada
Stefansson,Vilhjalmur (P), MB Arctic explorer, major expeditions in 1906-07, 1908-12, 1913-18
Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station (S), AB Remains of high-altitude geophysical laboratory
Thistle Ha'Farm (S), ON Key role in improving stock breeding in 19th century
Tyrrell, Joseph Burr (P),YT Explorer, historian with the Geological Survey of Canada (1882-99)
Vancouver, Captain George (P), BC Explorer, 1792-94 voyage charted most of the British Columbia coast
William Brydone Jack Observatory (S), NB First astronomical observatory in Canada, 1851
Willson, Thomas Leopold "Carbide" (P), ON Inventor, commercialized the production of acetylene gas (1892)

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