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1 Chipman Hill (S), NB Fine residence with interior mural painting
223 Robert Street (S), BC Residence in Queen Anne Revival style
57-63 St. Louis Street (S), QC Part of an historically significant streetscape
Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin (S), AB Early stone alpine cabin used by climbers
Aberdeen Pavilion (S), ON Rare 19th-century large-scale exhibition building, 1898
Acacia Grove/Prescott House (S), NS British Classical (Palladian) home of horticulturalist C.R. Prescott
Acton Vale Railway Station (Grand Trunk) (S), QC Picturesque with dormer, turret and bellcast roof
Admiralty House (S), NS Exceptional 1819 Palladian-style naval residence
Akins House (S), NS Early Vernacular building, circa 1815
Alberton Court House (S), PE 1877 circuit court house
All Souls Chapel (S), PE Outstanding High Victorian Gothic chapel with murals
Annandale House / Tillsonburg Museum (S), ON Decorative interior, Aesthetic Movement in Canada; major impact on domestic architecture in Canada
Annapolis County Court House (S), NS Archetypal 1837 Palladian-style colonial court house
Annapolis Royal Historic District (S), NS Strategic colonial capital with evolved townsite plan
Annesley Hall (S), ON University building, Queen Anne Revival style, 1902-03
Antigonish County Court House (S), NS Typical mid 19th-century Maritime court house, 1855
Balmoral Fire Hall (S), ON Rare Queen Anne Revival firehall, 1911
Banff Park Museum (S), AB Early natural history museum in Rustic style
Banff Springs Hotel (S), AB Famous railway resort hotel in Château style
Bank of Montréal (S), QC Queen Anne Revival style in sandstone, built in 1894
Bank of Upper Canada Building (S), ON Home of important 19th-century bank
Barnum House (S), ON Neoclassic domestic architecture, circa 1820
Battle Harbour (S), NF District, evocative of the 19th- and early 20th-century fishing outports of Newfoundland and Labrador
Battleford Court House (S), SK 1909 symbol of justice in new province
Bay Street Drill Hall (S), BC Fortress-like World War I drill hall, 1914-15
Beaulieu (S), AB Sandstone mansion of Sir James A. Lougheed, 1891
Beechcroft and Lakehurst Gardens (S), ON Olmstead gardens, circa 1870
Bélanger-Girardin House (S), QC Representative of early French regime houses, 1727-35
Belle Vue (S), ON 1816-19 military residence in Palladian style
Belleville Railway Station (Grand Trunk) (S), ON Typical mid 19th-century Grand Trunk design, 1856
Bellevue House (S), ON Important Italianate villa from 1840s, home of Sir John A. Macdonald, Prime Minister of Canada (1867-73, 1878-91)
Belmont House/R.Wilmot Home (S), NB .1820s home of politician and Father of Confederation, Robert Duncan Wilmot
Berthier Railway Station (Canadian Pacific) (S), QC Functional and domestic in style, early 1890s
Bethune-Thompson House/White House (S), ON Early Ontario home, begun in 1780, historic construction techniques
Biggar Railway Station (Grand Trunk Pacific) (S), SK Typical 1910 station, reflects railway impact on West
Billings House (S), ON .1828 Georgian homestead; Park Hill
Binning Residence (S), BC Early and remarkable illustration of architecture in the modern era, 1941
Birkbeck Building (S), ON Edwardian Baroque financial institution
Black-Binney House (S), NS .1819 Palladian urban residence
Bolton-Est Town Hall (S), QC Erected in 1867 by community with local wood
Bon-Pasteur Chapel (S), QC Important convent chapel with fine interior
Bonsecours Market (S), QC Outstanding mid 19th-century civic building on waterfront
Calgary City Hall (S), AB Imposing civic building in Romanesque Revival style
Canadian Bank of Commerce (S), SK Rare extant example of prefabricated western bank
Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse (S), QC Built in 1858, tallest lighthouse in Canada, 112 ft
Cape Pine Lighthouse (S), NF Early circular cast-iron tower, 1851
Cape Spear (S), NF Oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland, 1836
Capitol Theatre (S), MB Ornate 1920s movie palace
Capitol Theatre/Québec Auditorium (S), QC Dramatic 1902-03 Beaux-Arts playhouse with elaborate interior
Carillon Barracks (S), QC Early 19th-century stone military building
Cast Iron Facade/Coomb's Old English Shoe Store (S), NS Rare and early example of full cast iron facade, 1860
Castle Kilbride (S), ON Superb interior mural decoration
Caughnawaga Presbytery (S), QC Oldest surviving building at mission, 18th-century
Central Chambers (S), ON Fine Queen Anne Revival commercial block, 1890-91
Central Experimental Farm (S), ON Cultural landscape reflecting the 19th-century philosophy of agriculture
Chandler House/Rocklyn (S), NB Fine Neoclassical residence of politician and Father of Confederation Edward Barron Chandler
Chapman House (S),NS Prosperous late 18th-century farmhouse, 1770s
Charlotte County Court House (S), NB Fine early example of Maritime court house
Charlottetown City Hall (S), PE Oldest municipal hall in Prince Edward Island, built in 1888
Château Frontenac (S), QC Landmark Château-style railway hotel

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