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Eaton's Seventh-floor Auditorium and Round Room (S), ON 1928-31 Art-Deco style concert hall and restaurant
Emily Carr House (S), BC Birthplace of Emily Carr, early West Coast Italianate
Erskine and American United Church (S), QC Large Romanesque Revival church with Tiffany stained glass
Falconer, Sir Robert (P), PE President of the University of Toronto (1907-32)
Fauteux, Aegidius (P), QC Librarian and historian at the Bibliothèque St. Sulpice, Montréal (1912-31)
Fréchette, Louis (P), QC Leading poet of French Canada in 19th century
Gage, Sir William James (P), ON Founder of textbook publishing firm W. J. Gage and Company
Gagnon, Clarence A. (P), QC Engraver and painter, member of Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
Garneau, François-Xavier (P), QC Historian, founder of the "Institut canadien de Québec"
Gérin-Lajoie, Antoine (P) Journalist, lawyer, wrote Un Canadien Errant (1842)
Gibbon, John Murray (P), AB Author and novelist, founded Canadian Authors'Association (1921)
Goldsmith, Oliver (P), NB Wrote The Rising Village, first famous native-born Canadian poet
Gordon, Charles William (Ralph Connor) (P), MB Novelist, author of The Man from Glengarry, The Sky Pilot
Grant, George Monro (P), NS Educator and writer, principal of Queen's University (1877-1902)
Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) (P), SK Writer, conservationist, popular lecturer
Groulx, Lionel-Adolphe (P), QC Priest, historian and political activist
Group of Seven (E), ON First exhibited in 1920, Canadian landscape painting
Haliburton, Thomas Chandler (P), NS Writer of humorous and satirical works
Harris, Lawren Stewart (P), BC Original member of Group of Seven artists, most abstract style
Harris, Robert (P), PE Portrait painter, painter of "The Fathers of Confederation"
Hart, Julia Catherine (Beckwith) (P), NB Author of St. Ursula's Convent (1824), first published novel by native-born Canadian
Hébert, Louis Philippe (P), QC Principal Quebec sculptor of the late 19th century
Heintzman, Theodore August (P), ON Founder of prominent piano manufacturing firm
Homer Watson House/Doon School of Fine Arts (S), ON Murals and birthplace of landscape painter H.Watson
Howay, Frederic William (P), BC Historian of British Columbia, president of the Royal Society of Canada (1941)
Hunt, George (P), BC Ethnographer, collector,West Coast cultures
Innis, Harold Adams (P), ON Historian and economist, leader in communications theory
Jackson, Alexander Young (P), ON Member of the Group of Seven painters, landscapes in Ontario and Quebec
Jefferys, Charles William (P), ON Artist, drawings and paintings of historical themes
Jenness, Diamond (P), ON Anthropologist, field studies on Copper Inuit, discovered Dorset culture
Johnson, E. Pauline (P), ON Mohawk poet, gave series of speaking tours (1892-1910)
Johnson, Edward (P), ON Opera singer, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera Company (1935-50)
Kahkewaquonaby (Reverend Peter Jones) (P), ON Mississauga chief and Methodist minister; first to make Ojibwa a written language
Kane, Paul (P),SK Painter, depicted people and landscapes of the Canadian West
Kirby,William (P), ON Journalist, novelist, poet, historian (Annals of Niagara, 1896)
Kitwanga Totem Poles (S), BC Totem poles record families of Kitwanga Fort
Krieghoff, Cornelius (P), QC Painter, portrayed landscapes, rural people of Quebec
Lampman, Archibald (P), ON One of Canada's most important 19th-century poets, wrote about nature
Laval University (E), QC Established by royal charter in 1852
Lavallée, Calixa (P), QC Wrote the music for "O Canada"(1880), first famous Canadian musician
Le Moine, Sir James MacPherson (P), QC Author, historian and ornithologist, Royal Society of Canada
Leacock, Stephen (P), ON Canada's best-known humourist, teacher, historian and writer
Leaskdale Manse (S), ON Home of Lucy Maud Montgomery from 1911-26
Lismer, Arthur (P), ON Painter, educator, founding member of the Group of Seven
Literary and Historical Society of Quebec (E), QC Founded in 1824, led to Geological Survey, Public Archives and Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
Locke, George Herbert (P), ON Chief Librarian of the Toronto Public Libraries, author, historian

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