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Appendix 5 - Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life
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1 Chipman Hill (S), NB Fine residence with interior mural painting
Akins, Thomas Beamish (P), NS Historian, first archivist of Nova Scotia
Albani, Emma Lajeunesse Gye (P), QC Internationally renowned opera soprano
All Souls Chapel (S), PE Outstanding High Victorian Gothic chapel with murals
Allen, Grant (P), ON Canadian-born writer of novels and popular essays
Annandale House/Tillsonburg Museum (S), ON Decorative interior, Aesthetic Movement in Canada; major impact on domestic architecture in Canada
Aubert de Gaspé, Philippe (P), QC Writer of Les anciens Canadiens (1863) and Mémoires (1866)
Back, Sir George (P), NT Artist and Artic explorer, Franklin's 1819-22 and 1824-27 expeditions
Banff Park Museum (S), AB Early natural history museum in rustic style
Barbeau, Charles-Marius (P), QC Pioneer Canadian ethnographer and folklorist; wrote on arts, crafts, songs
Bengough, John Wilson (P), ON Noted cartoonist, journalist, poet and lecturer
Beynon,William (P), BC Nishga hereditary chief, ethnographer of the British Columbia Coast Peoples
Bibaud, Michel (P), QC Early 1830s French-Canadian poet and historian
Black, Davidson (P), ON Physician and palaeontologist, identified "Peking Man"fossils (1927)
Blewett, Jean McKishnie (P), ON Popular early 20th-century poet and journalist
Bon-Pasteur Chapel (S), QC Important convent chapel with fine interior
Boucher, Pierre (P), QC Noted government official, Indian interpreter, wrote history of New France
Bouchette, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph (P), QC Surveyor General of Lower Canada (1804-41), author and map maker
Bourinot, Sir John George (P), NS Clerk of the House of Commons (1880-1902), founder of Royal Society of Canada
Brooks, Major Allan C. (P), BC Prominent wildlife illustrator, recognized worldwide
Brown, George (P), ON Father of Confederation, founded the Toronto Globe (1844)
Bruce, James (8th Earl of Elgin) (P), ON Governor General of British North America (1847-54), inaugurated responsible government in Province of Canada
Bryce, Reverend George (P), MB Historian and educator, founder of Manitoba College
Brymner, Douglas (P), ON First Dominion Archivist, established the Public Archives of Canada (1872)
Cameron, George Frederick (P), NS Poet and journalist
Campbell,William Wilfred (P), ON Poet, novelist, historian, dramatist and travel writer
Canniff,William (P), ON Physician, historian, teacher
Carr, Emily (P), BC Noted painter and writer
Casavant, Joseph (P), QC Maker of musical instruments, best known as church organ maker
Castle Kilbride (S), ON Superb interior mural decoration
Champagne, Claude (P), QC Noted composer, musician and educator
Chapais, Sir Thomas (P), QC Historian, senator, Member of the Legislative Council of Quebec
Chiefswood (S), ON Italianate-style birthplace of poet Pauline Johnson, 1853-56
Christie, Robert (P), NS Politician and historian, wrote six-volume history of Lower Canada
Church of Saint-Léon-de-Westmount (S), QC Examples executed in the traditional wet-plaster "Buon" fresco technique, Guido Nincheri
Coyne, Dr. James Henry (P), ON President of Ontario Historical Society (1898-1902), member of Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (1919-30)
Crawford, Isabella Valancy (P), ON Poet and writer
Crémazie, Octave (P), QC Quebec poet, founded "Le Mouvement littéraire du Québec"in the 1850s
Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander (P), ON First chairman of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (1919-39), historian
Cullen, Maurice Galbraith (P), NF Artist, depicted winter landscapes of Quebec in an impressionistic style
Dawson, Sir John William (P), NS First president of the Royal Society of Canada, principal of McGill University (1855-93)
De la Roche, Mazo (P), ON Writer, best known for novels of the Whiteoak family of Jalna (1929 onwards)
De Mille, James (P), NB Novelist, humourist, professor of English at Dalhousie University
Doughty, Sir Arthur (P), ON Famous Dominion Archivist (1904-35), historian
Duley, Margaret Iris (P), NF First Newfoundland novelist to attain worldwide recognition

Appendix 5 - Expressing Intellectual and Cultural Life

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