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Jesuit Fathers (E), QC Missionaries and educators in Canada since 1625
Judge, Father William, S.J. (P),YT Missionary in Dawson during Klondike Gold Rush (1897-98)
Kahkewaquonaby (Reverend Peter Jones) (P), ON Mississauga chief and Methodist minister, first to make Ojibwa a written language
Lacombe, Albert, O.M.I. (P), AB Roman Catholic missionary to the Blackfoot and Cree in the Canadian West (1852-1916)
Laval, Bishop François de Montmorency (P), QC First bishop of Québec (1674-88), organized Church in New France
Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church (S), NS Oldest known surviving church in Canada associated with the German-Canadian community
Macdonell, Bishop Alexander (P), ON First Roman Catholic bishop in Upper Canada (1826)
MacEachern, Bishop Angus Bernard (P), PE First Roman Catholic bishop of Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Magdalen Islands,1829)
McDougall, Reverend George Millward (P), AB Methodist missionary in the North-West Territories (1860-76), signing of Treaty No. 6
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (E), ON Arrived in Canada in 1841, missionaries in remote settlements
Morice, Adrien-Gabriel, O.M.I. (P), BC Oblate missionary in northern British Columbia , wrote Athapaskan dictionary
Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church (S), ON Vernacular stone chapel associated with the Underground Railroad and Bishop Willis Nazery, built in 1848
Notre Dame des Victoires/Lac La Biche Mission (S), AB Important Oblate mission, built in 1853
R. Nathaniel Dett British Methodist Episcopal Church (S), ON Illustrates the early Black settlement of the Niagara area, role of the church in assisting newly arrived Underground Railroad refugees
Ritchot, Father Noël-Joseph (P),MB First Roman Catholic parish priest at Qu'Appelle (1862) and at St. Norbert, Manitoba (1870-1905)
Ruin of St. Raphael's Roman Catholic Church (S), ON One of the earliest Roman Catholic monuments in English-speaking Canada
Rundle's Mission (S), AB Site of Methodist mission, agriculture and education
Saint-Vallier, Monseigneur, de (P), QC Second bishop of Québec, founded "L'Hôpital général"(1688)
Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons Mission (S), ON Headquarters of Jesuit mission to Hurons from 1639-49
Sandwich First Baptist Church (S), ON Represents the once numerous border churches built to accomodate the growing Black communities created by Underground Railroad refugees
Sisters of Charity of Ottawa (E), ON Founded in 1845, began a nursing school in 1890s
Sisters of Providence (E), QC Founded in 1843 by Émilie Gamelin for the care of the poor and the sick
Sisters of Ste. Anne (E), QC Founded in 1850 by Marie-Esther Blondin for education and care of the sick
Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (E), QC Founded in 1853 by Léocadie Bourgeois as a missionary teaching order
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (E), QC Founded in 1843 by Eulalie Durocher as a religious school for the young
St. Catharine's British Methodist Episcopal Church/Salem Chapel (S), ON Typical of the auditory hall design of the churches related to the Underground Railroad
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Basilica (S), NF 1841 Romanesque basilica, symbol of Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland
St. John's Anglican Church (S), NS Historically significant Carpenter Gothic church
St. Mary's Basilica (S), NS Central role in the religious history of Nova Scotia
St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (S), MB Typical and oldest Ukrainian church, 1899
St. Patrick's Basilica (S), QC 1843-47 French Gothic Revival; remains at heart of Irish population of Montréal
Strachan, Right Reverend John (P), ON First Anglican bishop of Toronto, founder of King's College (1827)
Sulpician Towers/Fort de la Montagne (S), QC Late 17th-century towers, once bastions of fort
Taché, Alexandre-Antonin (P), QC Roman Catholic archbishop of Saint Boniface, missionary, writer
Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (S), AB Monumental modern temple in historic Mormon centre
Trois-Rivières Historical Complex (S), QC Residential and religious district circa 1700-70
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception (S), MB One of the most ambitious and accomplished buildings by Reverend Philip Ruh
Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection (S), MB Mature and culminating expression of Ukrainian identity of the Dauphin Block settlement, built in 1936-39
Ursuline Monastery (S), QC Historic religious complex featuring 1730s altar
Ursulines of Trois-Rivières (E), QC Taught for 300 years and provided a remarkable testimony to the reputation and quality of Ursuline education

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