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2012-2013 Parks Canada Agency Corporate Plan

Section III - Supplementary Information

Financial Highlights

The future-oriented financial highlights presented within this Corporate Plan are intended to serve as a general overview of the Parks Canada Agency operations and financial position. These future-oriented financial highlights are prepared on an accrual basis to strengthen accountability and improve transparency and financial management.

In preparing these future-oriented financial highlights, Parks Canada Agency has made estimates and assumptions concerning the future. These estimates and judgments may differ from the subsequent actual results. Estimates and judgments are continually evaluated and are based on historical experience and other factors, including expectations of future events that are believed to have reasonable certainty under the circumstances.

Future-Oriented Condensed Statement of Operations
For the Year Ended March 31
($ thousands)
% Change Future-Oriented
Heritage Places Establishment (16.4) 14,410 17,228
Heritage Resources Conservation (0.5) 167,058 167,838
Public Appreciation and Understanding (7.7) 50,494 54,706
Visitor Experience 0.3 227,799 227,164
Townsite and Throughway Infrastructure (29.9) 60,449 86,250
Internal Services (2.8) 74,072 76,172
Amortization of Tangible Capital Assets 2.0 104,059 101,994
Total Expenses (4.5) 698,341 731,352
Total Revenues 0.9 115,606 114,600
Net Cost of Operations (5.5) 582,735 616,752
Transferred Operations Expenses (100) - 7,606
Net Cost of Operations (6.7) 582,735 624,358

Future-Oriented Condensed Statement of Financial Position
As at March 31
($ thousands)
$ Change Future-Oriented
Total Assets 5,103 1,932,916 1,927,813
Total Liabilities (6,267) 173,944 180,211
Equity 11,370 1,758,972 1,747,602
Total Liabilities and Equity 5,103 1,932,916 1,927,813

Future-Oriented Financial Statements

A full set of the Agency’s future-oriented financial statements can be found in the online version of this plan, which is available in the Library section of the Parks Canada website at

Supplementary Information Tables

The following information can be found on the Treasury Board Secretariat’s website at

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