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Preservation of the Plains Bison National Historic Event (NHE) Elk Island National Park, Alberta Last large herd bought in 1906; distributed throughout national parks
Sack of Lunenburg National Historic Event (NHE) Lunenburg, Nova Scotia American privateers looted the town in 1782
Arrival of Foreign Protestants in Nova Scotia (1749-1756) National Historic Event (NHE) Halifax, Nova Scotia Earliest German-speaking emigrant group to form stable, lasting communities in what is now Canada
Canadian Pacific Railway's Trans-Canada Limited (1919-1931) National Historic Event (NHE) Cranbook, British Columbia Important part of a transportation system stretching from Britain to Hong Kong via both ships and trains
Indian Battle of 1870 National Historic Event (NHE) Lethbridge, Alberta Last great battle, Cree and Assiniboine against the Blackfoot confederacy
Palliser Expedition National Historic Event (NHE) Banff National Park, Alberta First scientific exploration from Lake Superior to Rocky Mountains, 1857-60
Grenville Canal National Historic Event (NHE) Grenville, Quebec Constructed 1819-33, enlarged 1871-82, to connect Montréal and Ottawa
Bank Fishery National Historic Event (NHE) Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Commemorates offshore fisheries of Atlantic Provinces
Dawson to Ashcroft Telegraph Line National Historic Event (NHE) Whitehorse, Yukon Territory One of the longest and most remote telegraph lines completed over land
Bush Pilots of Canada National Historic Event (NHE) Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Vital role in charting and developing the Canadian North