Biotics Web Explorer


The Biotics Web Explorer provides access to information about species and Parks Canada managed areas (National Parks, National Historic Sites, National Marine Conservation Areas). This includes information on what species are found in Parks Canada managed areas as well as Species at Risk that Parks Canada is working to help protect and recover.

This information is available in two different formats:

Biodiversity Queries

This enables the user to ask specific questions by selecting from different fields and information to be searched (For example - What threatened mammal species are found in Grasslands National Park?)

Biodiversity Reports

This provides users with a list of reports containing information on species and managed areas. (For example -What are the species at risk for Point Pelee National Park?)

Data powered by:   NatureServe

Environment Canada ( and COSEWIC ( are the data authorities for species at risk information and are updated in the Biotcs system as necessary.

Data refreshed once per day

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