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Parka, our mascot

My story and my friends

I like to explore, have fun and discover something new each day! During my many adventures, I have made new friends named Gray Jay and Chirp.

  • Parka's story

    I was born in Wood Buffalo National Park, the largest national park in Canada. It’s also the home of the LONGEST beaver dam in the whole world!
  • One day, my friend Gray Jay came to visit.

    "What shall we do today?"

    I had lots of ideas!

  • "We can look for butterflies, or count all the frogs we see."
  • "We can visit a fort, hear a drum and march like soldiers from long ago."
  • "We can paddle our canoe or we can go swimming in the lake!"
  • "And at night we can sleep in our tent and roast marshmallows by the fire!"

    And that is exactly what we did.


My friend Chirp

Parka and Chirp ride in a pirate ship. Parka and Chirp

My friend Chirp and I share a sense of adventure and encourage you to get up and go, explore and enjoy nature and history with us.

Some Club Parka activities are featured in the pages of Chirp Magazine and Pomme d’api! Would you like to try some of my activities now? Visit My Club Parka activities!

Would you prefer joining me in my adventures? Watch my one-minute videos on Kids’ CBC or ICI Radio-Canada (in French only) right after Chirp episodes. All my videos are also available on the My videos page!

My story and
my friends