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A Helping hand For the Black Bear


Do you have any ideas about how to protect black bears in La Mauricie Park?

To help you, think about the things that have a negative effect on bears, and come up with ideas to reduce the risks. Also, think about the bears’ needs and come up with ideas that will ensure that they have everything they need to survive.

Your recommendations must involve concrete and achievable acts of protection. You must also justify your recommendations.

Example of a general action:

Making sure that the bears have everything they need.

Example of a concrete action:

Carry out prescribed burning in the park to imitate nature and regenerate the forest, and, in doing so, increase the production of berries. This could encourage the bears to remain inside the park instead of going into logged forests in surrounding areas. In the park, there are fewer and fewer regenerating forests filled with berries, since natural forest fires are extinguished and there are no logging activities. The bears really do need natural disturbances.

Complete the recommendations sheet in your Science Log.