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A Helping hand For the Black Bear


Help La Mauricie National Park find solutions to protect its bear population!


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© Parks Canada/Mélanie Bernier

Mission video text


I am contacting you because I have heard that you have the potential to become excellent biologists. That’s fortunate, because I really need your help!

I must find solutions to protect black bears in La Mauricie National Park. Although La Mauricie National Park is a conservation site, it does not guarantee the protection of the black bears. This is unfortunate, since protecting nature is the park’s fundamental mission. In fact, we would like to keep a portion of this land intact and safeguard it from human activity so that today’s and tomorrow’s generations can benefit and learn many things from it.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to understand the ecology of black bears in the park and to provide us with recommendations that will help us to protect them. We have scientific data on their population, habitat, diet and adaptations. This will be very useful to you.

Are you ready? I am counting on you!

Mission instructions

  • Look through the Population, Habitat, Diet and Adaptation sections. You will find texts, photos, maps, illustrations, tables and interactive activities.
  • In each section, carry out the requested analyses and complete each activity proposed. Make sure that you cover everything.
  • Print out your Science log, which you will find in the Tools section.
  • At the end of each section, complete the corresponding part in your Science Log. Use it to write down your observations, answer the questions and complete the summary table.
  • Use the glossary .
  • When you have finished your summary, look through the Recommendations section and complete the recommendations sheet. Compare your ideas with those of your classmates and then send your best suggestions to La Mauricie National Park.