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A Helping hand For the Black Bear


How are bears tracked?

A metal antenna with six small perpendicular rods sticking out from a larger central rod. A wire connects the antenna to a telemetry radio receiver. The receiver is rectangular. It is in a black case. It has a digital screen, a keyboard, and a number of switches.
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Using an antenna and a receiver! This method is called telemetry. It can be used to find the geographic location of an animal wearing a radio collar that emits radio frequencies. In the park, telemetry is carried out mainly with a small Cessna 172-type airplane.

The coordinates of the locations are recorded on maps. This allows scientists to discover sites that are important to the bears, such as dens and habitats and the size of the territory used.

Julie, Mattaweh, Sir Laliberté and Martin are four of the 97 bears tracked using telemetry. Click on the “Analysis” button to view the maps on which their telemetric locations during two years (1992 and 1993) were recorded.

Analyze the scientific data recorded in your log.