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Updates on Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park

News #3 - The Best of the Bruce Just Got Better

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Submitted by Cathryn Buckley, Technical Services Coordinator
March 1, 2012

The striking blue waters of Indian Head Cove and ruggedly sculpted Grotto are icons of the Bruce Peninsula and may very well rank among the most scenic spots in Canada. It's no surprise that thousands of people visit this stretch of shoreline each year and are inspired by the scenery.

As the most visited location in the park, this is where we focus our efforts on ensuring a great experience for our guests, while preserving the outstanding natural values of the area. This fall, park staff has been hard at work on new and improved facilities to meet these goals. Chief among these is a new washroom building designed by Brandon Golden and built by Ernie Wyonch, Guy Chegahno and Jeff Keeshig. Located just off the Georgian Bay trail as it nears Indian Head Cove, the new building will house two handicap washrooms, two regular washrooms, a closet for janitorial supplies and a public safety cache. The new washroom will open this spring and complement the existing composting washrooms located near the Grotto.

To help you find your way out to the shoreline, new way-finding signs have been installed on the trail network and in the Cyprus Lake Campground.. A welcomed upgrade, we're confident that the new signs will help visitors find their way to the key attractions and prevent them from getting lost. Aside from that, they just look great! We'll also be adding new safety and interpretive signs along the Georgian Bay trail. Thanks to our staff Brandon Golden, Dan Forbes and Dave Williams for their hard work on the sign project!

A final key improvement in this area is a beautifully constructed set of stone steps that connect the end of the Georgian Bay Trail to Indian Head Cove. This short, but particularly rugged stretch has been a challenge for many visitors wanting to admire the shoreline scenery. Richard Huehn, Jeff Keeshig and Guy Chegahno carefully set natural stones in place to create the steps in a very aesthetic way that blends in with the surroundings. Thousands of visitors will have a safer and more enjoyable experience because of their hard work.

Washroom facility at Cyprus Lake
Guy Cheghano working on the new washroom building
© Parks Canada
The new steps at Indian Head Cove
The new steps at Indian Head Cove
© Parks Canada


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