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Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada

Parks Canada Marine Archeologists Visit Fathom Five National Marine Park!

For two weeks in early June, the Parks Canada Marine Archeologists visited Fathom Five National Marine Park to map, document, and collect amazing imagery of the many shipwrecks within the marine park boundaries. Some of the tools and equipment used included the side scan sonar and laser imagery, the same tools used while searching for the ill fated Franklin Expedition in the high Arctic last year.

Park Ecologist, Scott Parker commented on how “these new images would provide valuable safety orientation content for divers and give the non-diver a chance to better explore the wrecks”. Indeed the maps, video and photos collected do give us a new appreciation and understanding of the shipping heritage in this region and the national treasures that lie beneath the waves.

Stay tuned as the new imagery will contribute to exiting new visitor products and programs in the coming years. We invite divers and non-divers alike to experience the shipwrecks of Fathom Five National Marine Park.