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Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada


Rules, Regulations, and Diving Safety Recommendations

Regulations are enforced within the park to ensure resource protection and visitor safety. Please be aware of the following:

  • Prior to diving in the Park, each diver is required to register annually at the Park Visitor Centre. There is a fee for registration;
  • Vessels entering any designated restricted boating area require a permit from the Park Visitor Centre. No anchoring is permitted in any shipwreck site. Use either the provided mooring buoy or the natural lake bed. Note: the controlled access schedule for the Sweepstakes site;
    Divers with diver down flag
    Divers with diver down flag
    © Parks Canada
  • A dive flag must be displayed at all times and within 30m (100 ft.) of all diving activity. Vessels may use either the blue and white code signal "Alpha" flag or the red and white Divers’ flag. Towed or anchored floats may only display the Red and White Divers’ flag;
  • Never leave a boat unattended when used for diving. At least one person must be left on board when the boat is anchored or moored;
  • In Fathom Five National Marine Park, camping is permitted only in designated areas on Flowerpot Island;
  • Removal, damage or disturbance of any natural or cultural feature, or on-site equipment, is prohibited.

Diving Safety Recommendations

Parks Canada, in co-operation with the sport diving associations and training agencies, supports and encourages all divers to adhere to safe diving practices, including:

  • Certification: All divers should be trained and certified by a recognized organization;
  • Never dive alone: The buddy system offers additional protection in the event of unexpected problems;
  • Cold water: Low water temperatures in this area can create special hazards; only properly equipped and experienced divers should exceed 18 m ( 60 ft.) in depth;
  • Drugs and alcohol: The use of drugs or alcohol when diving can have disastrous effects;
    Divers at Big Tub Lighthouse
    Divers at Big Tub Lighthouse
    © Parks Canada
  • Vessel channels and docking areas: Avoid diving or swimming in vessel channels, docking areas or any of the prohibited harbour areas;
  • Night diving: Only experienced divers should engage in night diving. Each diver should be equipped with adequate underwater light.