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Parks Canada’s Gift to the Earth

Parks Canada Receives the Gift to the Earth Award

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A Gift to the Earth award is WWF-International’s highest accolade for conservation work of outstanding global merit. It is a recognition of inspiring leadership and conservation achievement that contributes to protecting the living planet.

On behalf of all Canadians, Parks Canada is honoured to receive this award in recognition of efforts to create new protected areas and to reintroduce species at risk into their natural habitat. In protecting new areas and through our species recovery efforts, we are also facilitating new and exciting opportunities for Canadians to enjoy, appreciate and connect with their natural heritage. This work could not have been successful without our collaboration with Aboriginal peoples and our many partners, and the remarkable support of Canadians across the country.

This booklet tells the stories of those special marine and terrestrial areas that have contributed to Canada receiving the WWF Gift to the Earth award.

These places are Canada’s gift to the world.

Alan Latourelle

CEO of Parks Canada

On behalf of all Canadians, it is a privilege to accept the Gift to the Earth award from WWF-International. Canadians can be proud of the outstanding conservation work and species recovery efforts that have earned Parks Canada this prestigious award. This important work protects what is fragile but vital: the unique, unrivalled and irreplaceable places where Canadians can connect to their heritage and the wildlife, landscapes and waters which represent the very essence of Canada.
Inspired by early visionaries, and in working with many partners, Parks Canada has created the finest network of protected areas in the world. The achievements recognized by WWF-International have been over a century in the making – a century of dedication, shared leadership and passion for Canada at its best. As we are honoured with the Gift to the Earth award, we are reminded of our responsibility to continue our efforts to protect and share Canada’s natural treasures with the world, for
the benefit of our precious planet.

James Leape

Director General of WWF-International

Canada is blessed with some of the last, large wild places on Earth – from its forests and tundra, to its lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Nowhere in the world do so few people enjoy such an enormous natural heritage as in Canada. Canadians have a global responsibility to steward it. This legacy was inherited from those who lived on this land for centuries and must be secured for generations to come.

WWF is pleased to recognize Parks Canada for exemplifying this level of stewardship. In its first century, it has done an outstanding job of creating and managing the nation’s parks, which are truly Gifts to the Earth. They have also exemplified a high standard of practice and performance for parks agencies everywhere. We look forward to a second century of progress toward completing the parks system – so vital to conserving the wild places that all life depends on to survive and thrive.