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The Parks Canada Youth Ambassador Program

Most Epic Summer Job!

Come experience Canada and make a difference!

Great News!
The 2 Parks Canada youth ambassadors for 2015-2016 will be officially announced Friday May 15, at 11:30 am on our social media pages.



Are you a young Canadian looking for adventure? Do you want to create the ultimate "Canadian" bucket list? Do you want to share your stories about your summer vacation, road trips or encounters and use them to inspire youth to seek out awesome experiences in their own back yard? If so, Parks Canada has the job for you!

In 2011 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the Parks Canada Youth Ambassador Program as Canada's official gift to commemorate the first visit to Canada by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. As Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors, two young Canadians will be hired to inspire youth to get off track and discover and share all the awesome things that they can experience in Canada.

Each year we are seeking our next two Youth Ambassadors to embark on an once-in-a-lifetime summer journey. Have fun and create incredible memories and gain valuable skills through thrilling adventures in some of Canada's most spectacular places. Your mission: find creative new ways to get Canadian youth interested in and experiencing Canada's rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage.

The adventures won't stop with the end of summer! In September, as part-time employees (approximately one day per week to the end of March), you will share your discoveries and experiences at organized events and activities to introduce and motivate your generation to discover Parks Canada.

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Interested in becoming the next Parks Canada Youth Ambassador?

The recruitment process for the Youth Ambassador program is supported by Global Vision, a Canadian non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience in championing the enterprising spirit of young Canadians in the promotion of Canadian industry and culture. They have an established record for engaging Canadian youth and supporting the development of these youth. Global Vision regional economic round tables and or Global Leader Centre sessions across Canada for young Canadians who are looking for new challenges. Requiring Parks Canada Youth Ambassador applicants to attend a round table has been an effective way for Parks Canada to meet the potential youth ambassador program applicants, observe their initiative and creativity, along with their presentation and group work skills.

If you are interested in applying for the Parks Canada Youth Ambassador position for 2016 you must participate in one of the Global Vision regional economic round tables.

You can also apply if you have participated in one of the regional Leader Centre program or a Round T able held since February 2012 and meet all other application criteria. There is a registration fee to participate in the Round Tables. The fee covers the cost of transportation and/or accommodation and meals to the sessions closest to your province of residence.

To learn more about the selection process, communicate with us